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5 Times China Cunningly Betrayed India


With BRICS summit going on in Goa, India will try its best to isolate Pakistan and have a chit-chat with China to iron out the differences that have sprung up between the two nations since the surgical strike.

The Indo-Chinese relations have taken a nose dive since Beijing announced its support for its “all weather friend”  But this is not the first time tension have increased amongst the neighbours because China and Pakistan have joined hands.

India has been dealing with these ‘complications’ since, maybe forever and here are instances to prove it right.

  1. When Pakistan and China entered Indian land- uninvited

When Pakistan tried to cross the border (read LoC) and infiltrate Kashmir, China was trying to do the same thing in Leh.  Stones along the roads were painted red with Chinese alphabets on them. Chinese troops were seen patrolling villages close to the Chinese border. Then Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh called in an emergency meeting with Chinese and Pakistani President to oust the guests on both ends.


  1. The 46 billion dollar corridor which will run through Kashmir

To make matters worse for Indian security Forces, Pakistan and China struck a deal to build an international corridor between Kashgar in China to Gwadar port in Pakistan. The corridor will run through Gilgit-Baltistan which is technically a disputed piece of Kashmir, or as Indians love to call it “PoK” and no international interference is permitted in the area by UN orders. So, can somebody please explain how Chinese are exempted?


  1. When MASOOD AZHAR became top-priority for China.

When Masood Azhar decided to attack the Indian Parliament or the Pathankot Air base he did not think that the Chinese will become his best friends. In a totally political move China refused to designate terrorist status to Masood Azhar in the UN. Chinese don’t really care about Pakistan bred anti-Indian terrorism but a defeat to India on international platform is a victory to Pakistan and its new daddy, China.

india china

  1. More defeats for India

Mr. Modi should be applauded for declaring India’s NSG bid without signing the NPT. But India more or less won over all nations except one- China. China blatantly refused to say yes to India’s bid until it signed the NPT. Minutes after China’s refusal, Pakistan announced its bid. Coincidence, too much!

China efficiently stalled India from entering the nuclear group for another year and we all know who benefits from this.


  1. UNSC Permanent Seat

But the worst blow India received was when China vetoed India’s entry in the United Nations Security Council as a Permanent member. Out of the five permanent members all but China were open to India’s entry. India would have be seen as a representative of the Third World but China had a hard time digesting it.

india china

Indian-Japanese relations have improved lately and the Chinese aren’t very happy about it. The proximity between India and USA is also not going down well with China.

China and Pakistan have become allies seeing the alarming rate at which Indian strength in growing on international level. If India is able to strike a deal with China and forge a truce is yet to be seen but for now it is a rather uncomfortable silence that has descended in the sub continental area.

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Medha Malaviya
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