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SexED: 5 Innovations Around The World To Spread Awareness About Safe Sex and Condoms


Let’s talk about it- safe sex and condoms. World population is growing faster than the number of messages in an active (hence muted) WhatsApp group.  But no one is ready to talk about how and why is this happening or how can we prevent it.

Let me bring to you some of the most innovative and successful campaigns around the globe, that attempted to spread some awareness about these ‘not-so-talked-about’ topics.

1. The BBC World Service Trust used this creative idea of creating a Condom Ringtone to spread awareness about safe sex in India. The ringtone works in a very simple manner. It involves the word ‘condom’ in it so that, whenever it rings, it puts this word in the ears of more and more people.

This, in turn, is expected to stimulate conversations about the same. About 27,000 download requests and over 2m hits were received by this super creative initiative.

Listen to it here:

2. The Condomize campaign held in Washington DC in 2012 was yet another initiative to promote the idea of safe sex. It simply highlighted how the use of condoms was the cheapest way of fighting AIDS. More simply, it talked about the effectiveness of condoms, the need of these and role of the government in promoting safe sex.

It not only distributed free samples but also displayed videos and clips to spread the message of the senior members and the organizers more widely and clearly.


3. In 2015, the NYC Department of Health introduced something bigger! Yes, they just introduced bigger condoms as a part of the safe sex campaign. “It’s a big city. They need bigger condoms,” said Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, assistant health commissioner. The department very smartly wrapped these extra large condoms in a golden packet, and the standard issue was given a bright blue packing. This was another well-received move by the public.


4. Despite being the origin of Kamasutra, people in India are surprisingly shy to talk openly about sex thereby condoms. Very recently in India; MOODS Condom did an on ground Installations with the telephone booth, car, and bathtub filled with 1500 red dots, in order to promote their range of dotted condoms.

These installations created quite a buzz. Some clicked pictures, some asked questions and some gladly carried them home; this was a rather simple idea to promote the use of condoms without making the consumer uncomfortable.





1 (1)

5. In order to promote safe sex amongst the Aboriginal community, a Condom Tree Program was launched amongst the Indigenous Western Australians. These condom trees are made out of PVC pipes. Inside these PVC pipes, the contraception is placed. And these PVC pipes are hung on the branches of the trees, giving free and unrestricted access to this very important object.  This was one of the most important moves in spreading the idea of safe sex.


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