Oh, we know the rush! The rush of both deadlines and reaching a wedding venue on time!

The endless chain of thoughts that run in the back of your mind, haunting you and asking, “What are you going to wear to the wedding? Do you have the time to change?”

You can’t miss work and you certainly can’t miss a wedding! So, what do you do? These celebrities might have the perfect solution to your dilemma! You wear a saree that is just the perfect outfit for both times.

Yes, we can hear you! You are asking, “Sarees? Are you kidding me? Who wears gaudy silk saree to the office? It is not my wedding, for God’s sake! And how do you expect me to go to the loo, maintain the perfect pleats?”

Yes, we know. This is why we are asking you to scroll down and see for yourself, woman!

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena is the indisputable queen of fashion. Her sartorial choices are drool-worthy and her style (we wonder, how) looks so easy on eyes!

She knows how to pull off a look straight out of a fashion show and make it a routine.

In this yellow-pink saree, she looks like the diva she is. And we wonder if anybody else could pull such a pop of colours other than her!

This chanderi silk saree is easy to maintain and doesn’t get weary even after a day’s use.

Just the choice for you if you don’t have to the time to change. Re-touch your makeup and hair, wear danglers and you are good to waltz around the wedding hall!

Vidya Balan

She is the quintessential saree lady! Her saree moments are to die for! Here she takes a break from the usual silk handloom drapes and gives us this!

Source – Instagram

Her chiffon saree is simple yet bright, an ideal choice to wear at work and wedding both! She keeps her look simple but you can choose to jazz it up a bit to attend the wedding.

If this pink saree is too light hued for you can go for the sunshine, she is in this picture! It is crafted out of Assamese silk and is a total stunner!

If you are looking to brighten up the day at work and sizzle in the evening at the wedding, this is the perfect choice to go with!


Can we ever have enough of this ravishing lady? The ‘Andhadhun’ star makes a public appearance in this simple black saree. Lightweight, simple and pretty, this saree works perfectly in any scenario.

For the office you can give it a formal look by wearing it with a blazer and by the end of the day, you can take it off to reveal your sexier self!

It is impossible to go wrong with black and if black is your colour, don’t wait and add a black saree to your traditional wardrobe right now!

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Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma is elegance redefined in saree. Her photoshoot in a chiffon saree and retro hair bun is to die for! She keeps it simple and looks so regal! Beautiful, all the way!

Source – Instagram

If you are trying out this look, you can complete the look with white gold jewellery or an elegant diamond necklace.  You can also choose to glam up your look a bit.

Just don’t tie your hair, instead let your hair down, go for smoky eyes and bold makeup! You can also pair this saree with a statement blouse to spice up your look a little and look like a million bucks!

Deepika Padukone

This powerhouse of talent and beauty has recently got married and we are still revelling in the wedding pictures! She looks gorgeous and ethereal in her wedding sarees but we are not talking about that!

We are asking you to have a look at the saree she donned at the reception in Bengaluru. She can definitely give us a lesson or two in how to do the bling. Her gold-tuned saree doesn’t seem to be exaggerated at all!

She does it so right! You can pep up your look by pairing it up with a brighter shade of blouse or you can wear a statement off-shoulder blouse to make it a bit modern.

Just make sure that you give this saree a trial run at a home. You wouldn’t want to overdo the bling.

Keep accessories simple and in contrast hue to add depth to the attire. A statement blouse can balance the bling for you and make it a much safer choice!

So, beautiful ladies, next time you have to run straight to a wedding, you know what to do! You have to have a saree like these in your closet so that you feel special and turn heads everywhere you go!

Transform these celebrity-inspired saree styles into yours! Give them your personal touch and make them yours with your style ideas!

The best part is you don’t have to take some time off weddings to find sarees of your choice. You can now shop sarees online at a reasonable price!

Image Credits: Google Images

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