You know what just spruces up an eating out experience even more? It is live music, my friends.

And I am not talking of those fancy Indian restaurants where a Pankaj Udhas copy will be belting out snooze inducing charts. Instead I am talking of actual good live music that makes you stop talking amongst yourselves to just take in the beautiful music surrounding you.

Now, actually finding these places which have decent live music in Delhi especially can be quite difficult. So I make the job easier for you by listing out my top 5 places in Delhi with great live music:

1. Turquoise Cottage

live music

Before Hard Rock Cafe there was Turquoise Cottage and it still manages to outdo whatever so-called elitism the former enjoys.

I remember passing by this place as a youngling to finally entering this forbidden *in my mind* place. The dark doors and the name always seemed so different and unique to me.

Earlier located in Adhchini, you can now find Turquoise Cottage in DLF Saket mall right at the back entrance.

One of my favourite joints to frequent, you will find a lot of new bands and artists performing here which gives you a lot of diversity in music and genres.

2. The Piano Man Jazz Club

live music

Located in the south Delhi region of Safdarjung, if you just want to chill and relax after a hectic day then this is the place for your.

Good food and some awesome jazz tunes make it my go to place when I just want to kick back and switch off from my work mode for the day.

Also, for all you budding musicians out there The Piano Man also has open jam sessions on Wednesdays so make sure you visit them.

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3. Kaffiene

live music

A HKV haunt, you can be sure that at least one from their arsenal would make the cut, one way or another.

But while Kaffiene is a little on the pricier side, it makes sure it gives you your money’s worth. The weekends are definitely the best time to visit and their sufi nights are really something to experience for yourself.

Have to say that Kaffiene has just like the Piano Man, a very relaxed vibe to it which makes it a great place to have a fun get-together with your friends.

4. Imperfecto

If you want the grungy feel as if you are in the garage or basement of your friend’s house then Imperfecto at HKV is something to give a try to.

The look and feel of the place is just perfect for college students looking to spend some time out of class and enjoy good food and music.

A special shoutout for the staff here since they are quite warm and welcoming and make your visit just that much more pleasant.

5. Rodeo:

live music

Rodeo located in Connaught Place is another themed place where you are instantly transferred back to the good old days with its ambience, food, music and overall setting.

A Mexican themed restaurant, you will actually feel as if you are in a Western cowboy film and have just stopped by at the local parlour for some much needed information.

So these were my picks for best places for live music in Delhi, if I missed any that deserved their place on this list, then let me know in the comments section below.

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