Music is very important.

Music has a wonderful ability to connect and unify people from different places, cultures, races, genders and even species in certain cases.

Many of us spend a lot of time online surfing through the varied collections of music present, apps that recommend you music and more.

Some of the creative geniuses though, take it a step further and actually create something out of their favourite music pieces.

Be it mashups which combines 2 or 3 different songs in one or remixing an existing song or even making a cover of the song but giving it your own unique touch.

Being someone who has an extra sense of respect for those who create something new and different out of these music pieces, I have dabbled a little in music editing on my own.

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And the first thing you will need is a good music editing software. Here are the 5 best music editing softwares that are also free, so the next time you get a burst of creativity you can create your own music with these softwares:

1. Audacity:

This is actually the software I have used before and one of the better ones out there. Audacity came out in 2000 and is available on all major developers like Windows, Mac, and even Linux.

This software lets you do a wide range of actions from recording music to cutting and editing tracks to mixing audio clips and much more.

With this software you can mute certain parts of the song, add in effects, merge different tracks and the best part is that it supports a large range of audio formats. Be it the common MP3 or the lesser known OGG, FLAC, M4R, WAV and many others.

2. DVDVideoSoft Free Audio Editor:

Where Audacity lets you do a lot of different and even complicated things, DVDVideoSoft Free Audio Editor is actually much better suited for beginners who want to just do the basic things.

This editor is good for just the very simple actions like cut and trim audio files as well as allowing you to convert audio files into your preferred format.

The software is actually quite user-friendly and easy to understand, so even those who have not ever used this kind of software before would be able to use it.

3. WavePad:

WavePad is a software by NCH Software and for the most part, is known for allowing one professional-level audio editing without being too confusing to understand.

It might not be the best software for beginners, but for those looking to create and mix different sound files, WavePad is a good bet since it not just lets one blend multiple tracks but also has features to accommodate creating your own music by recording and more.

As with any good audio editor, WavePad too supports almost all major audio formats and offers a wide range of features that you can tinker around with.

4. LMMS:

LMMS or Linux MultiMedia is a wonderful audio editing software that besides being free boasts of some amazing features and can compete with even a professional level software like FL Studio.

It has features like Automation Editor, FX Mixer and the user interface is professional looking and has space for plugins too. So if anything is not available in the software itself can be added on.

5. mp3DirectCut:

If you want an easy to use software for editing and recording stuff like say podcasts and all, then mp3DirectCut is a good choice to go for.

Despite the name sounding a bit amateurish, the software itself offers much more than one would expect from such a simple software. You can increase volume or fade it out, split tracks, normalize audio and do other basic stuff.

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