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46 Best Press Release Distribution Services To Help Skyrocket Your Business


We have researched and created a list of 46 best press releases distribution services to help you choose the best.

Are you a business owner and want excellent media coverage to skyrocket your business? Our list of the best press release distribution services could help. They give you credibility, reputation, and boosted sales regardless of whether you have an established business or just started.

A plethora of businesses nowadays is switching to PR marketing to drive brand awareness and online visibility among the target audience. The success of the PR strategy depends hugely on how and to whom the press release gets distributed.

However, picking the best press release service can be challenging, mainly if you don’t know how the release distribution works. It’s best to do your in-depth research before you commit to any PR company. We have researched and created a list of 46 best press releases distribution services to help you choose the best.

Why Press Releases Still Matter Today?

Press releases are a great solution for businesses to share their latest news and updates to customers and the media. Nearly 44% of journalists trust press releases as a valid information source.

You might be wondering how the best press release distribution services help? Well, it can go a long way toward grabbing the right eyeballs on your most important message. It can help any business gain significant exposure and press coverage they need. Below are the advantages that you can expect for your business:

1. Boosted Reach

A professionally-crafted press release distributed to the right media sites can generate the best press coverage and exposure for your business. The experts do this by amplifying the stories, connecting with investors, and interacting with the media and influencers. Some PR distribution companies also offer useful tips for excellent PR success.

2. Improved Public Image

Many PR distribution sites also offer powerful targeting options such as targeting states, local regions, or national journalists. You can take advantage of that to give your releases an additional boost reach. It will help you reach industry-specific journalists, bloggers, experts in printing, and shape your brand image the right way.

3. Top SEO Ranking

With well-chosen keywords and SEO practices by the experts, it helps you build massive traffic to your website. Few PR platforms also offer superior release distribution services under one roof and that too at business-friendly pricing.

4. Generate More Sales

The end-result you get with effective PR distribution is an increase in sales or conversion. How? When you have more conversations with the audience or mentions from influencers, your sales get a boost. It’s worth choosing a PR firm that is trustworthy and has an immense reputation.

What is the Difference between Free and Press Release Distribution Sites?

Below are the differences between the two:

1. Free Press Release Websites

They are web-based platforms that may or may not let users add videos, pictures, or any HTML formatted content.

2. Paid Press Release Sites

Apart from submitting your releases on their website and in RSS feed, they offer a press list that includes where they will syndicate them. The majority of the paid press release distribution websites also provide extra perks like SEO, tagging, analytics, grammar checking, geo-targeting, proofreading, etc.

TOP 3  Best Press Release Distribution Services

Take a look at how we compare a few of the top press release distribution services in the market:

  1. Linking News – Rating 10 (Best press release distribution service overall)

Best for – White label release distribution

  1. Globe Newswire – Rating 9.5

Best for – National and international exposure

  1. PR Newswire – Rating 8.5

Best for – For advanced targeting

List of 46 Best Press Release Distribution Service

1. Linking News

Looking for an affordable way to earn legitimate media placements on high-traffic news sites? Linking News is the perfect choice to make your dreams come true. It renders one of the best press release distribution services in the PR sector. It has the strongest network in the PR industry, with connections to over 330,000 publications, 900,000 journalists, and 90 million social media influencers around the world.

The professional editorial team adds a personal touch to sets you apart from the mountain of other releases distribution sites. They syndicate your news and releases to ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Bloomberg, Yahoo, USA Today, MarketWatch, and other notable names.

The biggest benefit is that it offers a white label press release distribution service without any additional cost. It means you will not find Linking News’ brand anywhere in your press release and appear under your brand. Also, your press releases will not get published on the Linking News website. Whenever distributing releases online, they also ensure that it is perfectly optimized for search engines.

The skilled team assists you throughout the entire distribution process from starting till the end to ensure that you stay ahead over your rivals. Experts also analyze the success of each published press release and use it to enhance future PR campaigns. Furthermore, the submission process is also easy. With a few clicks, you can submit the press releases for instant distribution.



2. Globe Newswire

Looking for a PR platform to disseminate your stories to targeted regions and groups? Globe Newswire is the right choice. This best press release distribution service specializes in multimedia content, corporate press releases, and financial disclosures to the public and media.

The expert team sends news stories via the world’s largest media networks and newswires to help you accomplish the desired results. It also allows users to access the customized distribution list for a more target news release.

The platform also allows clients to embed multimedia. PR writing and translation services are also available in every plan. You can choose between National and International plans for targeted distribution. However, their PR services are not white-label.


3. PR Newswire

PR Newswire is the best press release distribution service owned by Cision Inc. Founded in 1954, it allows businesses to share their highlights to top press or media outlets via the largest news networks. The expert team will help you to craft a focused PR strategy based on the audience demographic.The network has 3,000 newsrooms, 10,000 news websites, and covers 170 countries.

4. Business Wire

Business Wire is another paid press release distribution service perfect for the clients looking for true international exposure. It has arranged an automatic publication of releases in a plethora of print and online news sources with high ranking. The team distributes releases via a strong NX network that includes distribution in 162 countries.

With placements in renowned news sources, you guarantee that your release is displayed on the major search engines, including Google News.

The biggest benefit is that there are 18 newsrooms around the world, and the company also offers press release translation in 20+ languages. However, some users claimed that releases do not reach targeted reporters. There are also no tools for analytic purposes.


5. 24-7 Press Release

If you want your news published in newsprint, 24-7 Press Release is an ideal place for you because it sends news to both digital and print media. The cloud-based company has an extensive distribution network that includes over 30,000 writers and journalists.

Optimization for search engines is available. The PR company is focused on small markets and lacks the detailed reporting feature. It is a downside for the clients looking to make decisions based on analytics. Furthermore, the options for story writing, editing, proofreading, and hand-distribution are limited.


6. PR Web

Are you planning to launch a new innovative product or preparing for an in-house event? PR web is the right choice for you. The company offers all the necessary tools to create an appealing release to target the desired audience.

The press release distribution service makes it simple for the clients to add videos, links to social media, and pictures. Also, there are no restrictions on word count, and users can access comprehensive reporting tools.

The basic plan costs $99 per press release, which covers permanent hosting on and guaranteed visibility across search engines. You will get a proofreading feature in the higher-tier plans, but there is no writing service in any plan.


7. Send2Press

Send2Press is a full-service press release distribution and writing service that shares the news to a large number of news outlets. It has no pay-as-you-go plan instead of a membership plan.

No matter what you choose, your news gets published on nearly 200 to 300 news websites. Send2Press team also focuses on social media platforms and includes related hashtags to boost search engine visibility.

The company provides free proofreading or feedback services to their customers. It is perfect for the clients that are seeking national outreach. The only drawback is that it allows word count limited to 500-800 words.


8. Easy Newswire

Want to publish your news domestically or overseas? Look no further than Easy Newswire. This best press release distribution service is famous because it has built a friendly relationship with journalists and news sites that help clients increase their online reach.

Registration of the site is free. Also, it supports sharing the stories on social media and the target community. However, the platform does not offer detailed analytics or reports for the basic plan users.


9. Publicize

Publicize is a reputed PR firm based in Medellin, Colombia. It offers fully integrated digital PR and communications services to the growing businesses and start-up companies in the tech sector and other emerging industries.

The company has been helping businesses around the globe since 2013 to help them scale fast and win high-end media coverage they desire.

The team of PR professionals targets and sends content to the media sites relevant to your target audience. Professional PR writers write and fine-tune each press release to boost media coverage. Premium and Professional plans allow users automatic publishing posts and releases on social media. It also includes scheduling of posts at a specific time.


10. Realwire

Realwire is another reputed PR company that provides the best press release distribution services. The skilled team sends your press releases to 4,500 editorials and bloggers in a wide range of sectors.

Pricing plan starts at £149 for traditional press release distribution and £229 for having social media distribution included. It offers scheduled distribution and language translation features. But the company allows only three images in press releases.


11. Newswire

Newswire is a PR company that offers the best press release distribution service to the businesses. The professional team distributes the releases to major media outlets associated with your industry.

The company offers three plans to meet your needs – Domestic (digital, digital plus, state and national), international, and national. You can pick as per your release needs. The most prominent feature is the media watching tools that let you monitor your stories and boost your ROI.

The downside is that there are limited new media sites. Also, there are no proofreading or editing options in the basic plan.


12. NewswireJet

NewswireJet is the best press release distribution service for small businesses and marketers. It guarantees instant online news publications on the minimum of 350 press release websites.

Some of the top sites include NBC, ABC, FOX, etc. You can choose the sectors that you want to target. The team enhances release visibility in relevant search results across major search engines. The bonus part is that you will get a complete white label publication report to download.


13. eReleases

eReleases is another best press release distribution service perfect for marketers worldwide that want hyper-focused targeting. It offers distribution at both national and international levels covering countries, like Australia, China, Canada, Germany, France, and Hong Kong.

It allows businesses to reach 700,000+ bloggers and social media influencers. It has been serving superior services to reporters, journalists, and bloggers for 20 years.

Their best press release distribution services include publication to 550+ news content systems such as SmartBriefs, McGraw-Hill, LexisNexis, etc.

However, the team mainly focuses on sending press releases to journalists.

The company accepts same-day orders and offers many essential tools for customization of the press release. It even provides a WireWatch report for tracking outcome.

However, eReleases is not an ideal option for startups or small companies as their basic plan begins from $299 that allows a maximum 400-word count and includes distribution of one release to limited media websites. Also, for writing, feedback, and proofreading service, you need to play a little extra.


14. PRLog

PR Log is a free press release distribution and submission service perfect for businesses of all sizes. Whether you want improved SERP ranking or want to target a specific audience, PR Log has every type of distribution plan for you.

This PR Company also offers customization and advanced scheduling. This allows the users to add one picture, text link, a company logo, and even video embedding. Although PR Log provides excellent press release distribution services, there is a limited database and no analytics. Also, the release has a limit of a maximum of 500 words.


15. EIN Presswire

EIN Presswire is offered by EIN News. The company has a world media directory for listing media outlets, newsdesk for distributing the breaking news, and a free news plugin for creating tailored news feeds.

Their press release distribution services come with RSS feeds, release tracking, media monitoring, and Search Engine Optimization. But the essential features like same-day distribution, embedding videos, RSS syndication, and scheduling are not available in the basic plan.

The company offers hyper-targeting and international distribution. Moreover, the distribution channels are limited to five, and there is no writing service.


16. Gebbie Press

Gebbie Press is an all-in-one media directory that has been in operation since 1995. It has earned an immense reputation for offering superior quality media directories to the PR experts at a great price.

Their best press release distribution service offers syndication to about 24,000 media sites and print media in the U.S. The outlets include television stations, daily and weekly newspapers, radio stations, and magazines. You can subscribe for $400 per year and send out unlimited releases.


17. Online PR Media

Online PR Media is the ideal choice if you are seeking a PR platform with a free package and multimedia support. Its free online press release comes with just one submission per day and includes submission to a broad range of online sources for 90 days.

The price for social media press releases is $22 that includes instant social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and ad-free press releases.

The premium visibility package has a price of $549 and comes with a video release distributed to 1,800 new outlets and syndicated websites. It means for advertisement-free releases; you need to spend extra money.


18. PR Buzz

If you want press release distribution for your clients or your multiple businesses, then PR Buzz is the right choice. It is a full-service PR firm based in Toronto that focuses on Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, and Marketing Strategy.

With just $299 per year, you can get an unlimited number of press releases. It also offers Search Engine Optimization benefits for your press releases and website. However, few users claim that they do not make it to any legitimate media outlets, and few websites on their network do content farming that will hurt your SEO.


19. is a one-stop-shop for your PR needs. It offers a wide range of services under one roof – a vast directory, PR distribution, reviews, and celebrity interviews.

The skilled team distributes PR by the industry or region. Database use is free of cost and does not require any signing up. Clients can even post their logo and branding information to the profile. However, their free package is limited.

This best press release distribution service is good for startups and small businesses looking for targeted release distribution at affordable rates. But you will have limited functionality in the premium plan. Also, the team takes time to get your news live on


20. Accesswire

If you are a business owner or investment company looking for potential investors, Accesswire is the best choice for you. The skilled team focuses on the release distribution to the world’s biggest financial exchanges, including NASDAQ, LSE, NYSE, etc. They create tailored distribution lists for PRs and communications teams for quick targeting.

Accesswire lets users embed feeds on their sites via custom newsrooms.

It also supports the broadcasting of virtual events to the target audience.

Furthermore, analytics and reporting features let users monitor PR distribution engagement and generate valuable data. The downside is that the company does not support linking the company logo to the websites. Also, the registration is time-consuming.


21. PressHunt

PressHunt has the most comprehensive journalist database with contacts for over 750k journalists and reporters. Companies such as Instacart and Dos Toros Taqueria use their press release distribution services. It helps you pitch your business to the journalists that are ready to create an article and get your name featured there.

Furthermore, the savvy team frequently updates the database so that you can quickly find the right journalist for you. Their journalists, reporters, media outlets, and podcasts cover every story on all continents except Antarctica.

They also help businesses save time by aggregating contact information, emails, site, and social media links in the releases for better pitching. You can create lists of the favorite contacts and export them to CSV.


22. HARO

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is a publicity service created in 2008 by PR expert Peter Shankman. It allows industry professionals and journalists a free way to connect. It has a massive network of more than 55,000 journalists and bloggers connecting with 800,000+ sources.

As a company, you can get yourself added to a comprehensive database. The best thing is that you do not require a new product or service to get contacted.

You can sign up and become a HARO subscriber to get three emails per day and five days a week. These mails are filled with queries from reporters and top news sites. However, there is no guarantee that a journalist will contact you for your story.


23. TrendKite

Trendkite is an intelligent communications Platform based in Texas. Founded in 2011, it is ideal for businesses that need help with content management, sales conversion, reporting, customizable messaging, anomaly detection, and automation.

The skilled team tracks tons of metrics to measure the impact of published releases accurately. Customizable dashboards let you quickly filter through millions of data in a few seconds to streamline your business workflow.

With one click, you can quickly turn your dashboards into media analysis reports. This cloud-based platform is ideal for brand managers and public relations managers.


24. Prezly

Prezly is a PR management tool great for the press release agencies and communication teams that want to feature their stories, send email campaigns, and manage contact databases under one roof.

The company offers PR software for fast communications with influencers, journalists, and bloggers and get better global reach. A smart CRM feature allows you to track every communication activity via timeline and flags.

The platform also has an SEO-friendly Content Editor that lets you create professional-looking releases and stories in any language. Users can send email pitches and content directly from the tool. This cloud-based PR publishing platform also offers detailed reports.


25. PressRush

PressRush is a cloud-based marketing software suitable for the PR and marketing firms of all sizes. Founded in 2011, their best press release distribution services allow Contact Management, Article Author Database, Automatic-Update of Media Lists, Email Distribution, and Press Monitoring in one place.

This UK-based company has built-in media monitoring tools that generate alerts in your inbox to find the perfect PR opportunity and journalists.The downside is that PressRush has limited contacts in the database.


26. PRLeap

PRLeap is another platform offering the best press release distribution services to the clients since 2003. The skilled team distributes releases to 100+ newspapers, media, radio, and financial outlets. They also go an extra mile to integrate social media plugins to drive massive traffic, exposure, and engagement.

PRLeap also offers analytical tools and tracks the progress of every release to create in-depth reports. You can even schedule your press releases as you like without paying extra.

It let you add up to 5 videos and pictures in your release to grab more attention. But, there is a limit of 2 press release submissions daily.


27. PR Urgent News

PR urgent News is a free press release distribution service that lets businesses gain visibility in major search engines and top news sites such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, and much more.

Although it has a free plan, there is no guarantee of approval because the PR Urgent News team is selective about the releases. Moreover, if you want your release to get published within 24 hours, you need to pay an extra amount of $9.95 per release.


28. Press Release Point

Press Release Point is an excellent website for writing and distributing releases to an international market for free. The savvy team distributes your releases, both online and printed publications.

It has a network consisting of over 50 free press release sites, so your release will reach them all. You can even track your press release and receive alerts.

A press release writing service is available. Another benefit is that you can organize the releases based on their origin. But to use the platform, you need to register. The sign-up process is complex, and some of its sections seem incomplete.


29. PressAbout

PressAbout is a free online platform that allows users to create press rooms, publish press releases, and share them online. This Belarus-based company helps clients gain higher search engine visibility and brand exposure they are seeking. Release submissions begin from $10.


30. ClickPress

ClickPress is a free release distribution service based in Spain. It is perfect for the clients that want highly optimized content for long-term brand exposure.

The news and release submitted to ClickPress that has been approved are available not just to visitors but also to the premium news sites, search engines, and web. The downside is that users need to send the releases in an acceptable format.


31. 1888 PressRelease

1888 Press Release offers paid and free press release writing and distribution to the customers. The skilled editors screen all the content and hand-match it to the right bloggers and journalists for increased awareness and reach. They also help you boost visibility in search engines. You can add images, logos, or other multimedia to make your releases worthy.

Editorial assistance service and RSS feeds are also available. However, the free service does not distribute releases to any blogs, news networks, websites, or social media. Furthermore, there are very few news networks in the Gold and Platinum package.


32. PitchEngine

Want to reach the target customers and keep stakeholders in the loop? PitchEngine is an ideal choice. It is one of the best press release distribution services that offer powerful PR creation tools to help your business stay on the top.

The team also creates and syndicates your releases via mobile or email to help you find the right influencers and journalists. If you want, you can even access PitchFeed through RSS or website.

Although you can create unlimited releases, the company did not publish it on the PitchEngine website. It does not offer any analytics and reporting. Moreover, you need to upgrade to the basic plan for using the PR toolkit.


33. Prowly

Prowly is one of the best press release distribution services for businesses that are hunting for an innovative way to send personalized pitches to the journalists and other target audience. The platform lets you place all your releases in an interactive online newsroom.

The greatest benefit is that it blends content from diverse platforms, including integrations with popular social media platforms. Media pitching tools provide a personal way to get your news picked up. It also lets you create a well-organized media contact list.

You can add videos, social media posts, photos, and other rich media in your releases. Scheduling of PR campaigns is also available. However, their press release monitoring and tracking are not that useful. The customer support team is also sometimes unresponsive.


34. BuzzStream

Buzzstream is a public relations management and outreach CRM tool built for mid-size to large businesses. It let PR teams create a centralized database of all pitches and projects. This helps them never skip any important information such as whom you have pitched, when, and for which event.

This software also makes researching where to send all pitches quickly. You can research the contacts and social media profiles of renowned journalists so that your PR pitches immediately get in front of the right people.

However, there is no press monitoring and auto-update of media lists. Also, some users claim that the user-interface is not that friendly. Other benefits include access to email tracking and outreach templates.


35. PressPage

PressPage is a perfect PR platform for communication teams founded in 2008. This US-based company streamlines your PR workflow and allows effective management of media databases, and email newsletters via highly tailored newsrooms.

Newsrooms also come loaded with drag-and-drop functionality and essential PR elements (like press kits, media libraries, etc.). The company also auto-publishes your releases on social media. This helps PR teams save tons of time and prevent headaches.

Moreover, PressPage also has a database of 860,000 influencers and media contacts that you can use to connect with the right people. Other advantages include downloadable reports, syndication of press releases in 55 languages. However, few users reported that PressPage is complicated to use, and the analytics dashboard does not offer detailed information.


36. ReleaseWire

ReleaseWire is a platform that helps clients reach bloggers and journalists with powerful press release distribution, media contact management, and multimedia distribution. It also offers access to the news feeds based on the location, company, or industry.

ReleaseWire Newsrooms is an abundant resource for company news. It also has powerful media engagement tools that offer clients a broad reach while strengthening media relationships.

ReleaseWire team also assists members regarding the use of tools for the better optimization of releases. If you need the best press release distribution services on-demand, there is also an option for that. There are monthly subscription plans. You can choose any subscription according to your budget to boost your PR efforts.

It is suitable for PR companies planning long-term campaigns and subscribing as it helps them save time and money. There is no toll-free customer service number. Furthermore, ReleaseWire is active on social media accounts. However, access to customer service is not available even there.


37. Wiztopic

Whether you want dissemination of articles, press releases, newsletters, or the publication on social networks, Wiztopic is a great time saver for the communication departments. It is one of the press release distribution services built to simplify internal and external communications by automating manual tasks without disturbing the work ambiance.

Wiztopic also lets them distribute, manage, assess the performance of the content and even automate reports. You can publish releases and news articles to multiple channels through online newsrooms. CRM devoted to stakeholders allows you to manage and update the target lists quickly. The expert team also offers SEO optimization of your content for broader reach on search engines.

The multilingual platform also supports the distribution of the business content in most languages. However, it would be great if the contacts are organized by the news outlet name. Few users also reported that it takes them a few weeks to learn how to use the software.


38. PRgloo

PRgloo is a secure media communication and public relations management platform that allows users to enhance media penetration and streamline media marketing workflow. As the best press release distribution service, it offers tracking of results, and newsroom publishing via centralized tools.

Other impressive features include stakeholder engagement, media call management, event management, social media management, and publishing.

With highly customized newsrooms, you can use any in-built template to create your releases and other content. With just one click, you can schedule and publish the content to social media, newsrooms, and a list of stakeholders. However, there are limited contacts of journalists in the database. It would also be good if the release templates are simple to use.


39. IssueWire

IssueWire is one of the best press release distribution services providers based in Kolkata, India. It features a big global network that helps businesses have release syndication to more than 150 top media sites, journalists, and other essential contacts.

Custom newsrooms let them manage all the content under one roof. The platform also enables clients to target particular geographical regions and sectors.

Whether you need a small business press release, local release distribution, or event release, IssueWire got everything covered. Only the first release is free of cost. However, the paid package ranges from $21 to $45/release.


40. Pressat

Pressat is a company that offers public relations services such as translation, copywriting, and disclosure services. The company has a list of 33,000+ subscribers ranging from editors to journalists to bloggers.

The platform has access to a database consisting of around 1.4 million media contacts. It also offers professional releases translation for a specific country or region. The expert editorial team sends your press releases to the top news sites (such as Bing News, Thomson Reuters, DowJones, etc.) media influencers and stakeholders.

Pressat offers the best press release distribution services to businesses that want the story published across the United Kingdom and internationally. This UK- based company also has an up-to-date database that allows users to find a specific audience and engage with them. However, there is no live customer support and direct mail management.


41. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is a content marketing and outreach tool perfect for digital marketing, big brands, bloggers, SEO agencies, marketers, and SEO consultants.

It is regarded as one of the best press release distribution services that let you pitch anything, track responses, end deals, and create media-worthy releases quickly. Using Pitchbox, you can even find the best journalists or social media influencers, covering a specific industry.

You can even preview every email you send and assure that there are not any glitches. The company also offers integration with the best SEO providers, like Majestic, SEMRush, Moz, Ahrefs, and LRT.

The platform also stores contact details, keeps track of social media accounts, and manages all your emails as you work. Another great feature is that you can generate team reports for the white label clients. You can put your brand on the analytics reports you prepare.


42. SourceBottle

SourceBottle is a free online resource for bloggers, journalists, and PR experts that help them find the best sources. Besides this, it allows them to open on essential issues, market innovations, and industry trends.

You can register to receive products and services for forthcoming gift guides, advertising opportunities, reviews, and other crucial information alerts free of charge.

These insights help you meet your brand goals in no time. Sourcebottle also has excellent and best press release distribution services. You can pick the country that you want to target and the distribution method according to your needs. Within 24 hours, the company sends your call-out to the list of PR professionals and reps, but the list is not that big.


43. Muck Rack

Muck Rack is an easy-to-use and robust PR software that allows PR teams and marketers to monitor news, find journalists, send tailored pitches, and build reports. Did you know Fortune 500 brands, startups, and companies depend on Muck Rack for increased media coverage and to strengthen the bond?

Users can create custom media lists of journalists depending on the topic, campaign, or location. It also offers access to portfolios of journalists and their areas of interest.

Muck Rack also lets you get alerts straight in your inbox whenever any journalist tweets or writes about your campaign, company, competitors, or any keywords. It ensures that you never miss a beat regardless of where you are.

This will help the clients ensure that the pitches sent are relevant and have proper reach. Muck Rack also offers digestible PDF reports that you can use to track your business metrics. But Muck Rack’s contact details in the database are not always up-to-date. Also, there are limited exporting capabilities.


44. JustReachOut

JustReachOut is a cloud-based software that lets clients find relevant publications, journalists, press opportunities, podcasts, and even broken links. It is built to support small-size businesses so that they pitch with huge confidence and get the visibility they are looking for.

JRO offers you the tools you need to find the most relevant journalists and even excellent tips for pitching the effective angles. There are also pre-built pitch templates that you can use to yield fast response rates.

The platform also has in-built resources and training that you can take benefit of. It will guide you through the search, outreach, and tracking of your campaign.

JustReachOut also lets you track release pitches using analytics. The bonus part is that they are continually updating their platform so that the users gain maximum out of it. It is ideal for you if your goal is to get consistent exposure instead of a one-time email blast.


45. NewsDriver

NewsDriver may be the best release distribution service for you if you think that mobile is the future of press releases. It helps the clients turn their standard press releases into more fascinating social and mobile stories.

Their vast distribution network guarantees reach of 25,000 release sites.

The expert team does this by adding eye-catching pictures, a mobile-friendly layout, and other multimedia inclusion. They also offer optimization and custom edits of press releases to ensure your story gets in the right hands.

NewsDriver’s press release distribution services come with a price tag. The two pricing options include – Insights – $599/month and Always On – $1,599/month.


46. Reportable

Reportable prides itself on offering the best press release distribution services in the industry. The platform is user-friendly and straightforward to use. The professional team brings life to your news releases and edit them as required to ensure that they have everything reporters need.

Another biggest feature is a plug-and-play newsroom that offers users access to package all the journalist-ready in a few keystrokes. It is ideal for small companies and start-ups.


Today, most business owners, marketers, and PR agencies use the best press release distribution services as a vital part of their holistic marketing strategy. A reliable service makes an easy submission, management, and monitoring of releases.

It helps the clients connect with the media and target audiences well. Furthermore, effective press release distribution helps brands gain colossal media coverage (both online and traditional media) and boost brand visibility.

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