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Time to Revisit the Motive of Cinema


download (1) The Indian Film Industry has completed 100 superb years. This journey has seen many different phases: from black and white, Eastman colour to current digitalised phase. He reflections made through the cinema changed according to the dynamic social structure. That is also a reason for the presence of cinema in our everyday life (whether it is hum jahan se khade hote hain line wahin se shuru hoti hai or kitne aadmi the?). But the ‘young’ age of 100 really needs some breakthrough. Since majority of works have lost the right direction, it has divided the audience too. While a section goes for entertainment and fun (no offence), the other look for a constructive message as well. The movies which are the highest grossers have been critically rejected. They usually lack the ingredient of positive sensitisation and substance. I agree that Indian public takes cinema as a pass time and it should be light. It is completely unpleasant when the ‘lightness’ is interpreted as cheapness. Art never constrains good work as something heavy and complicated for the mind. Considering the fact that people are highly moved by what is shown on the big screen, the social responsibility cannot be denied.

We see many instances where cinema played a role to  aware us (the marches and protests have taken a lot from Rang de Basanti and No One Killed Jessica). However cinema affects society or society affects cinema is a long drawn debate but the interdependence cannot be denied. Nevertheless, its role in criminal offences is considerable. The violence and atrocities against women keep infuriating from cinema. The issue of differential and discriminating identities do result in on and off conflicts. Many projects have lost the touch with the spirit of art and portray a shallow picture without thinking of the effects of the hollowness. The makers know it very well (not to be named) that the audience consists of all age groups. The ‘A’ certificate does not ensure that everything would be taken as natural and there would be no infection in the dreams of the next generation. It might not be true for everyone but the lower strata and educated upper class also for that matter keep ignoring the substantial thing and adopt the dysfunctional ‘qualities’.

However, the light is not completely shattered. There are handful of works which are not only giving a new, positive vibe but also proving the worth of 100 years on the Global Level (like Ship of Theseus , Lunch Box). Whosoever watches those movies cannot divert themselves from acknowledging the reality. I am not saying that every cinema work has to be based on real grounds but the important point should be leaving us on a positive and thoughtful way.



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