A female dance troupe, Rainbow Dance Group, from Boko was invited for a dance performance at a cultural event organised by Kuddus Ali.

This event was turned into a bitter, horrific and life-threatening experience for the dancers.

The incident

The dancers reported being tricked to come to the event meant for Eid on 7th of June. These 42 women dancers were allegedly asked by the audience, which are estimated to be around 700, to strip and dance for them.

When the women refused to do so, they were harassed and molested. Around 12-15 men then threatened to kill the women with a dagger.

One of the victims reported that the programme was meant to happen in Somoria and the group was supposed to do a Bihu dance performance. Later, some men came to receive them and took them to a different location.

On reaching there, the dance group came to know that it was a ticket show where they had to do a strip dance. The group was misinformed about everything.

The group had no choice but to follow the instructions of the mob as they threatened them with rape and murder. The women somehow managed to split in groups and run away. The police also reached the location and controlled the matter.

Assam mass molestation
Source: CNN News 18

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Action taken

A huge number of people took to the streets in Boko to protest against the mass molestation incident in Chaygaon to demand justice for the women dancers.

Various groups took part in the protest including Congress and BJP party activists, Boko Girls’ High School, The All Rabha Students Union, All Assam Students Union, Bogai Cultural and sports organisations.

The protesters, after completing the protest rally, handed over a memorandum to Boko Revenue Circle Officer Pinki Dutta for Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal.

FIR has been lodged under the Assam police. The police have arrested around 7 suspects but the main culprit, Kuddus Ali, the organiser of the event, still has to be arrested. 

BJP leader and the Assam Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma has assured that the culprits will be arrested and strict punishment will be given to them.

The National Commission for women on Twitter said that it has taken cognizance of the incident and has also taken up the matter with the Assam police.

A women’s body has been seen as an object for ages. Times have changed, laws have changed. However, some people are stuck in past.

I am not even sure at this point what will make them accept the fact that all genders are equal. And, one cannot be used for mere pleasure.

A sensitizing education at primary level might help.

On the positive side, the authorities are taking necessary action. It is great to see that political leaders are not disregarding such issues with stereotyped comments as has been done in past.

They are working to bring justice. The police as seen in several reports are taking up the matter seriously and working on arresting the culprits.

Sources: Pratidintime, Republic World, Sentinel Assam

Image credits: Google Images

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