April 29: Alish Prajapati’s Journey to triumph has been inspirational to people of all age groups. Renowned as Cash Volumes on social media, Alish Prajapati has proved that with immense knowledge and will to grow one can achieve anything he wants.

Here are 4 Qualities of Alish Prajapati which helped him to grow in the Financial Trading Market.

  • Market Awareness:  Alish’s market awareness is one of the prime reasons for him being this successful in this field. Having awareness doesn’t always mean that one won’t fail, and Alish knows this better than anyone else. He admits to gaining knowledge of the market by taking risks and learning from experience.
  • Analytical Skills:  To sustain in the financial market, one needs to have analytical skills. Alish believes that analytical skills will help you to be prepared for your next step and predict its outcome. Analytical skills can only be achieved by gaining knowledge about the market.
  • Risk Taking: Taking Risks and accepting failures is a necessity for all who want to grow in their career. Knowing that the market is volatile, Alish has always been prepared for failures. Risk-Taking allowed him in the long run. He says, ” Risk-Taking helps you to be on the other side of the fear.” One can only be a risk-taker if he is intrigued to know about the consequences.
  • Discipline: It gets challenging to remain disciplined while being in a market whose volatility can change someone’s future overnight. Losing your patience is common. Alish believe that one can be disciplined in this field by believing in their knowledge and skills.

These 4 qualities can be achieved by anyone who has a zeal to learn and grow in this field. Cash Volumes is the initiative by Alish Prajapati to provide people with financial education which will further allow people to attain these qualities and do great in the financial trading market. Alish is putting everything he has learned in teaching people so that people will have one less thing to worry about. Cash Volumes as an initiative is already a huge success and we all know that with time and Alish’s diligence, it is going to grow exp


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