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4 must watch bollywood classics




In the age of glitz and glamour, where the hero and heroines are lifelike versions of Ken and Barbie, where the major focus is to enter the 100 crore club,  we seem to have forgotten the simpler times when the hero would go to extreme ends to get his bride, when a flower shaking would mean a kiss, when a ‘nazar’ would be enough to convey the most romantic of messages, where the heroines ‘nazakat’ would take our breath away. It’s true when people say ‘they don’t make films like that anymore’. So, I decided to revisit the golden age of Indian cinema and here is a list of my favourite bollywood classics:

1. Pakheeza (1972)


Raj Kumar’s pure love and Meenakumari’s striking grace and charm will mesmerize you. I was enthralled by the elegance and magic that was Meenakumari, even before I actually understood what she really did for a living.  It’s a romantic movie about two people who find love in each other in spite of their crazy messed up lives. These two were so perfect together in all the moments of deep misery and promising happiness.  It has one of the greatest endings of any movie ever.

2. Guide (1965)


A timeless classic with waheeda rehman’s charisma and dev anand’s boyish charm is sure to make your heart happy. The storyline’s philosophical bend is very tastefully portrayed.  It’s a flawless work of art. We see the characters grow and evolve throughout the movie, we witness how Raju transforms from a simple chap with not a single care in the world to a pillar of strength for his wife to an alcoholic and then finally reaching a place where he unravels the true meaning of life and Rosy from an unhappy unfulfilled wife to a self-assured booming artist. S.D Burman’s music made this movie a masterpiece. It’s a lovely and captivating movie that is going to make you wonder over what you want out of life? What are your goals? Is fame and fortune the ultimate road to success everything or is attaining god and peace going to lead us to fulfillment in life?

3. Tere ghar ke samne (1963)


A typical bollywood movie about two millionaire arch-rival’s kids falling in love and them agreeing to their matrimony. It has great humor and romance that anyone could fall in love with. Certainly watch this if you are a Dev Anand, India’s Gregory Peck’s fan and  Nutan definitely is a yardstick of womanhood. It has great songs sung by Lata and Rafi like “Dekho Rootha Na Karo” ,”Ye Tanhai” and my favourite “Dil Ka Bhawar Kare Pukar” among others. Don’t miss this great classic, it’s a darling movie.

4. Chupke Chupke (1975)


It’s a simple yet entertaining movie with light, heartfelt comedy with cute adorable characters which you will just love throughout the movie. Enigmatic Amitabh bachan’s and luminous Jaya bachan’s hilarious ‘corolla’ interactions and Sharmila Tagore and Dharmendra’s ‘memsaab and driver love affair’ are the highlights. Dharmendra (the botany professor) takes away the cake with his amusing impersonation as the innkeeper and then as the driver. Om Prakash, as the highly intellectual, Mr. know-it-all Jijaji gave an exceptional performance.  This comedy, with the dialogues and situations completely in sync with each other will make you want to watch it countless number of times.

This is an ideal diet for the long Independence Day weekend, do watch these and share more in the comments below.


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