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The online casino industry has been going from strength to strength over recent years. In fact, a recent report from Mordor Intelligence predicts that it will enjoy a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.49% over the coming five years, meaning that it will represent a multi-billion dollar industry for the foreseeable future.

One of the keys to the success of the sector has been its embrace of all things innovative and the advent of the Bitcoin casino is just one more indication of that forward-thinking attitude. Although some people are unclear on what such a site offers and are reluctant to try it as a result, crypto casinos actually boast a variety of advantages over their traditional counterparts. Here are just some of them.


The sophisticated blockchain technology which underpins Bitcoin means that every transaction is processed and logged in a secure online ledger. This at once enhances the overall security of the experience, since there is no way for anyone to tamper with the chain. The encryption of the data also makes it nigh on impossible for anyone to access your sensitive information (such as personal data or credit card details), thus clamping down on cybercrime.

Customer service

As the new kids on the block, crypto casino operators know that they have to go the extra mile to earn the trust of the consumer. For those unfamiliar with the technology, signing up to a Bitcoin casino might seem like an unnecessary risk that they don’t fully understand, despite the fact that they are completely safe to use. For that reason, operators put 110% effort into their customer service, as is evident for anyone who reads a Bitcoin casino review and listens to the opinions of those who have used their services previously.


When signing up to a traditional casino, there is often a mountain of paperwork that you must fill out before you can begin laying wagers and playing games. Various forms of identification, your physical address and contact information and the maiden name of your aunt’s cat are all often requested upon subscription. By contrast, Bitcoin casinos are far more discreet in their demands, often asking for only log-in credentials and details of your cryptocurrency wallet. This helps to maintain your privacy and anonymity, which is an important consideration for some.


Regular casinos conduct their payments via third parties, whether that be banks, credit card companies, payment portals or other financial institutions. Each of those entities wants a piece of the pie and although the sum might seem negligible, it can add up to some serious overheads for the companies in question. Since cryptocurrencies are decentralized, they cut out the middleman and incur fewer fees and charges. Those savings can then be passed on to you in the shape of lucrative bonuses, promotions and incentives.

With so many benefits to Bitcoin casinos in comparison to their more conventional counterparts, it’s no surprise that the former are growing in popularity by the day.


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