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3 Reasons to Use Mobile Car Detailing in Winter


To clarify, auto detailing means a very detailed clean of the inside, and out, of your vehicle. A mobile car detailing means that the detailer comes to you. Sounds convenient right? Well, there are a few more reasons than simply convenience for booking your car in. Here are three: 

Winter is harsh in Toronto – for your car too!

Okay, so if you live in Toronto, you know what winters can be like. It can certainly cause headaches to drive in but, have you thought about what it could be doing to your car? 

Ice and snow are one thing, but then there is road salt to worry about. Salt, which may go great on hot chips in winter, is also used by the mountain-load and poured over the roads. This is the bigger issue in winter when it comes to your car. 

Imagine how many little particles of salt, that were flung from the salted-road as you drove, are still clinging on to your car right now? What is so bad about salt? Corrosion. A word you certainly do not want to associate with any part of the vessel that carries you around at high-speeds. 

More time for what you actually want to do.

Okay, so your car doesn’t love the harsh Toronto winter, but what about you? Imagine a frosty, cold day. Let’s say you even have the day off. However, you realise the day has come to finally get around to cleaning your car. You’re out there (in the cold), wiping, rinsing and generally sloshing water around everywhere. You are a soggy mess. It takes forever.

Now, let’s consider a different scenario. You are curled up on the couch, with a cosy blanket, hot chocolate in hand and deciding what to binge-watch. And, just like that, your car is immaculately clean. Goodbye corrosive salt. Was it magic? Kind of – mobile auto detailing in fact.

Overall? You relax. The experts clean the car, and possibly even better than you could have if you did try a long, cold, soggy day of cleaning.

Drive a car that feels like new.

Imagine sliding into your car to discover it has that new car smell again. The miscellaneous melody of smells has vanished. The sticky spots that you could no longer remember what you (or the kids) dropped to cause them – gone! It is literally spotless and squeaky clean.

This is next-level clean – even in places you didn’t know could be cleaned! This, my friend, is the beauty of auto detailing. It is called detailing for a reason – it is all in the detail. 

You will drive around with pride and almost feel like you just upgraded, without that extra price tag. 

All in all?

It is so worth it. From a practical standpoint, you shouldn’t risk letting that salt cause damage to your car. When it comes to your free time, you have the choice of doing it yourself (remember the soggy mess example?) or having someone come to you and work their magic. Take your pick.

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