The arrest of the former prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on Tuesday led to outright protests and nationwide rioting against it.

On 9th May 2023, the 70-year-old Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief was taken into custody by the paramilitary forces when he was at the court in Islamabad and taken to an unknown location where he spent a night before appearing at a specially convened court at police headquarters.

Now, the former cricketer has come forward with shocking claims on what happened to him after he was arrested which include things like not being allowed to use a washroom for 24 hours, a lethal injection and more.

What Is Imran Khan Claiming?

According to reports during a hearing in the court, Imran Khan claims that “I have not been to the washroom in 24 hours,” and that “they give [you] an injection, and [you] slowly die.”

Further stated his fear of facing the same fate as Maqsood ‘Chaprasi’, a key witness in a money laundering case against prime minister Shehbaz Sharif who died last year.

Khan who is currently spending eight days in National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) custody had a meeting with his lawyers on Wednesday where he reportedly revealed what was happening to him. As per the lawyers, it is believed that there might be a conspiracy to kill the former prime minister in prison.

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Imran Khan arrest

According to PTI, one of his lawyers said that “We asked him if he was tortured. He said he had been experiencing pain in his heart since morning.” His lawyers claimed that Imran said his meals were laced with insulin in a way to induce a heart attack in him.

Reports also have his lawyers state that “This is an attempt to kill him. He (Imran Khan) said he was not being allowed to sleep.”

Furthermore, they said that “Imran Khan was brought to the police lines at 3 am and was put in a dirty room which neither had a toilet nor a bed,” and that “He was not given a morsel to eat since 3 am (Wednesday).”

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