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1st Delhi Bike Pride By SCRUFF And Those In Need



SCRUFF, along with Those In Need, is organising the first Delhi Bike Pride on the historic date of July 2nd to commemorate the date that the Delhi High Court repealed Section 377 of the Constitution.

This day is celebrated by the LGBTQ community of India as a day of victory and despite the reinstatement of section 377 in 2013, we are reminded that equality is possible.

The Delhi Bike Pride is a celebration of the colors and diversity of the rich LGBTQ community as they stand in defiance of the High Court’s 2013.

A number of LGBTQ organisations have come forth to support this initiative including Humsafar Trust, TWEET Foundation, Indian Aces, Youth LEAD, India HIV/AIDS Alliance, Adhikaar India, SHEROES, Love Matters, Mastylecare, and more.

delhi Bike Pride

The event aims to bring to light the constitutional shackles they live with and the harassment and exploitation they are subjected to as a result of the ruling.

However, despite all this – they live their lives with dignity and continue their struggle for equality.

Date: 2nd July, 2017

Starting Point: South Extension II Market Parking Area

End Point: Jantar Mantar

Route: Will update soon

Time: 06:30 AM

The participants will gather at South Extension II and the march will end at Jantar Mantar, taking the rainbow flag across the city.


For any further details you can contact:

Harsh Agarwal | +91-7042402314

Abhishek Saini | +91-9711158343

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