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TsuNaMo hits India!!


Your favorite candidate is about to become the 15th Prime Minister of India. Modi led BJP is set to win with a clear majority securing 285 seats (till now) out of the total 543 and is leading in 63 constituencies. BJP has made a heroic comeback in Uttar Pradesh securing 73 out of 80 seats. Meanwhile in UP, BSP couldn’t manage to win even a single seat. Remember Mayawati saying a week ago that she will not support Modi if he wins? Well, the mere thought of it amuses me now. Mulayam led SP has also managed to win only 5 seats that too of their family members only.


Ruined is the word for Indian National Congress and Aam Aadmi Party right now. Congress have given their worst performance since independence securing somewhere around 46 seats. AAP have won a total of 4 seats (C’mon! you knew all the way that Kejriwal didn’t stand a chance). Congress president Sonia Gandhi briefly appeared before the media and conceded defeat. “The mandate is clearly against us. I accept responsibility for this defeat,” she said. The UPA chairperson didn’t take any question from mediapersons (for which she was criticized for the millionth time).  


BJP have swept the entire nation under the Modi wave. Modi created history by winning from Vadodara by a margin of 5.80 lakh votes (which is insane!). Also, Narendra Modi will be the first person to lead India who is born after independence. Narendra Modi said,”India has won! Bharat ki vijay! Achche din aane wale hain.” He waited for the entire day and when the entire nation went berserk on his win, he addressed the crowds in Vadodara and said that Governments aren’t of any one party, they’re formed of a billion people.

After winning, the first thing Modi did was to go up to his mother and received her blessings. And he gave it a personal touch by taking a selfie and tweeting it while taking her blessing.


As far as your results in these elections are concerned, well, you made history today. So go and celebrate. You won the biggest election ever.



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