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South Campus, here I come!


Let me start by making a small guess: as just-out-of-school kids, with great results, most of us were pretty sure that we would make it to North Campus- Hindu, Hansraj, SRCC or even the highly prestigious St. Stephens. However, come cut offs and some of those dreams are shattered by a mere gap of 0.25%-0.75%. And that is when we realize that South Campus is also a part of our Delhi University.
Ever imagined why this happens? Well I do happen to know the answer. Most of the colleges in North Campus have been the oldest in DU and many celebrities have these colleges as their Alma maters and hence the fame. However, what we often forget is that even South Campus is equally good and in fact, it has become a great hangout among students.
Here is an overview of some of the famous colleges of South Campus:

Sri Venkateswara College:
Commonly known as Venky, it is a co-ed college and offers courses in science, commerce and as well as humanities. It is perhaps the most famous college of South Campus.
Biggest advantage of studying here: the very popular Satya Niketan market is just opposite Venky. You can grab a bite between lectures as well.The food is absolutely amazing and prices are just perfect!



Jesus & Mary College:

Being a student of this college myself, I can assure all the girls out there that your experience here will be one of a life time. You will learn something new about yourself everyday. However, you would be cribbing about attendance all year round. Classes are held very regularly and ECA’s are not given easily. Biggest advantage of studying here: Most of the people just go ‘wowww’ when you tell them you are from J.M.C. and your guy friends will be dying to come to Montage, its annual cultural fest. It is also known for its academic excellence and extremely well dressed crowd. It is also known for its good infrastructure.


Lady Shri Ram College:

The most prestigious all girls college in the entire Delhi University, if you have secured admission here, you have enough reason to rejoice. It is known for its high priority given to academics as well as extra curricular activities. Feminism is much talked about in this college. It is also known for its famous alumni: Naina Lal Kidwai, Maneka Gandhi and Aung San Suu Kyi to name a few. Biggest advantage of studying here: Infrastructure is really good and you get to say you are from L.S.R. which pretty much sums it all. Ain’t that enough girl?



Shaheed Bhagat Singh College:

Named after the famous Indian freedom fighter Bhagat Singh, SBSC is one college which has become very famous (and popular) over some years. Life at SBSC can be an enriching experience. The institution having acquired a position of excellence in academics has been effectively providing students enough resources and training to achieve in the fields of sports, debates and drama. The college offers courses in maths, commerce, arts and it also offers evening college facility. Biggest advantage of studying here: Its proximity to the famous malls in Saket- Select Citywalk and DLF Place! Feel like bunking? Do it! Go to the mall and chill with your friends. And, did I tell you that the crowd is pretty good as well?



So you didn’t get into a college of your choice in North Campus? Get over it, already! This so called divide between South and North Campus is of no relevance. Remember that in the end, you will be a student of Delhi University and not South Campus or North Campus.

Go ahead and create memories that you will cherish forever. The four best years of your life begin right now!

Ayesha Kumar
Ayesha Kumarhttp://edtimes.in
My love for reading, both books and people is something which cannot be put into words! Although a student of commerce at Jesus & Mary College, I enjoy writing about dating and romance more than finance and stock markets; keeps me a little far from the reality. I am a dreamer and I absolutely love finding romance in everything in this world.



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