Admit this, overplaying can ruin even the best of the songs.

We all have those guilty pleasure tracks we love to plays on a loop. But then there are those songs which are just so overplayed that they can cause serious nervous breakdown if I hear it even one more time. Here is my list of that kind of overplayed songs that everyone needs to stop listening to immediately. Without side effects.

At least give them a break dude.

[Posting covers of the originals of the songs, if you want to dip your toes and try them out again!]

Summer Of 69

I don’t understand how people don’t get enough of it. Especially at places, it doesn’t need to be played at. Bryan Adams definitely resents this song a little bit.


(FYI, nobody does it better that he himself. Pfft.)

You are hot. No thank you. I can take care of myself.  But you are hot… Yep, hero totally NOT needed for this baby tonight.


I am not numb. You are not numb. This song is not iconic. Stop screaming.

Any Honey Singh Song

I MEAN ANY. He releases a meaningless song and it spreads like a plague. Like people’s lives depend on the number of times they can replay it.

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Baby Doll

As pretty as Sunny looks prancing around in this song a la J-Lo style, I promise I freeze on the dance floor every time it starts playing and everyone starts dancing the same way like it’s a flash mob!

Love Story

Baby, I will never say yes again to this song in my life.


Just STOP PLAYING THIS SONG! It doesn’t even make sense. GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD RIGHT NOW! Dare you pull me closer, you mattress thief!

Meri Ashiqui Abh Tum Hi Ho

A classic example of how overplaying can just smother a song’s beauty. I actually started enjoying it after people stopped playing it everywhere on this planet.

Munni Baadnam Hui/Fevicol Se/Dhinka Chika/Teri Meri/…

You get my point. I wish these songs were banned. But again, it’s like a viral fever. He catches it, then he catches it, then she catches it, then he catches it, then she catches it, then she catches it, then he catches it… Everyone suffers till the antibodies kick in.

Jai Ho

That one A.R. Rahman song almost every Indian eventually gave a thumbs down to. It wasn’t even his best. It was plain overplayed for publicity. Even Frieda Pinto got tired of it.

The Rock On Album

Okay, not one song, but a whole freaking album of overplayed songs! But it wasn’t about one song. Everyone I know, knew the entire freaking album by heart. I did too. All the songs were so fresh, so catchy, so young. Easy to sing along, until everyone realized that they were singing it a bit too much.

Like, na na, na na na … na na, na … Okay brain stop it.

Let It Go

That one song that united millions of parents on earth against their children. It gave everyone a special kind of mommy-migraine. Idina Menzel even learned to sing it in Japanese!

Additions, subtractions, opinions? This was my list of overplayed songs, show us yours below!

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