Watch: 10 Weird World Records Set By Indians

Records are meant to be broken. 

But occasionally there are some world records that prompt the question, “Who would possibly do that?”

I am pleased to tell you that many bizarre world records have been set by Indians.

From nose typing to coconut smashing, Indians have the lead in some truly bizarre world records.

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Why do these people go through such pains to set these records? Perhaps it’s a sense of achievement, maybe it was a childhood dream or maybe one day, they just thought to themselves, “That record looks totally easy and seems like something I want my name to be associated with forever.”

The results of the hard work of these interesting Indians have not been in vain.

Watch this video to find out.

Whatever inexplicable reasons that led these people to undertake such weird attempts may be, there’s no denying that these world records are both bizarre and extraordinary.

Here’s to hoping that the indomitable Indian spirit continues to achieve such delightfully weird results in the future.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Guinness, Economic Times, NDTV 

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