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10 craziest foods


By Aravind

So if we’re hungry we’re used to eating an elite category of foods. But have you ever wondered what the delicious standard categories of food are for some of our neighbouring nations? I bet it’s not even in your wildest dreams. As by the time you finish realizing what delicacies are on this list you would gear up to the nearest bathroom to throw up. So here’s the list of those bizarre substances that people around the world get to eat to diminish their hunger. Because calling them food is just too main stream.

  1. Tuna Eye: – This is just another dish that accompanies various others in the menu card on that mile away fast food centers in China and Japan. Apparently it’s sold in pounds due to its large size and to cook is way simpler than any way imagined i.e. boil, add a seasoning and serve. Tasty enough right?

  1. Rocky Mountain Oyster: – Not just women who sound turned on buy this dish but also everybody else purchases a male’s life line and pride here, yes its testicles of animals like cow pig and even sheep’s … balls. This a wide spread dish derived from good old USA (some parts of Canada too) that are masked with heavy sauce to materialize the fact that you are eating nuts.                                                                                  

  2. A-Ping (Cambodia): – It’s tough to digest the fact that Cambodia is so food sufficient that even if a famine hits them, creatures like tarantulas still exist which is a street favorite dish over there. Apart from the fact that you are swallowing a pest, also realize they are burnt spiders.                   

  3. Sannakji (Japan): – if you feel eating veggies raw is delicious then here’s eating a still squirming alive octopi (Sannakji). Yes these are cut fresh raw and are partly alive which are enjoyed as a treat by people in Japan.

  4. Yak Penis (China): – Yes you read it right. If you feel swallowing nuts was absurd then think about this. Yes a yak and Yes its penis. Men in china seem pretty ambitious to have feast every time they cut down a Yak penis. Perhaps seemingly it is said to be good for skin.            

  1. Fugu (Japan): – A better off known term as the puffer fish. Fugu being one of the pestilent foods on the list is usually filled with poisonous tetrodotoxin having known to kill a full human if ingested improperly. But the chef’s indeed serve it with a little amount of poison in the fish to cause a light tingling sensation on the mouth and lip.

  1. Fried Brain Sandwich (USA): – Yes the calf seems to be brainless after it passes away, as you can have a bite of it in the form of a sandwich. Smashed calf brain is served and is well known to be quite tasty is (un)-fortunately banned throughout most of USA for causing certain mad cow disease. But still available in Ohio River Valley. Clever enough right?

  1. Cod Fish Sperm (Japan): – Yeah when you can have the whole of the genital part why not give a try to the liquid inside it. Yes it’s a luxury in Japan to chow down a gelatin jizz.

  1. Balut (Philippines): – Hands down this is the most lamentable dish in this list. It’s just another snack in the Philippines where the locals eat this half fertilized chicken embryo out of an egg. That’s not it, most people suck out the juices with the straw then crack it open to ingest the fetus.

  1. Goat head (South Africa): – This is strangely served in mostly the upscale restaurants in South Africa where the whole of the goats head is served on a platter completely charred but without eyes. Mouthwatering isn’t it??



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