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Suits – Danger of addiction


suitsBy Aravind

Six lead characters, one law firm and 3 seasons is all it took to stand put as the most addictive series. ‘The Suits’, first of its kind ever TV series that stole millions of corporate hearts all over the world. A high paced intense story line of the law firm called Pearson Hardman (as known initially), keeps everyone on the edge of their seats all through 40 minutes. Professionally portrayed scenes like the court trial, depositions, etc. makes everyone expect a cliché conclusion which the makers smartly deal up to showcase nothing like imagined.

The lead characters Mike Ross and Harvey Spector working together can be visualized as Jai and Veeru, but you know in a more sophisticated professional environment. They work as a single mind but covering two different poles, making every move of theirs utterly exceptional. Harvey Spector is one cocky, arrogant yet the smartest and the best closer in the city of New York. Whereas Mike Ross has an unusual ability of eidetic memory which is used to maximum in dealing with all sought of cases. Let it be a murder case or a bank heist, these two gentlemen specialize in solving everything. Right from gaining evidence to secretly breaking the law for winning a case, they can go to any extent for winning.

“You want to lose small and I want to win big”, that explains their character.

Jessica Pearson is yet another cocky female who heads the firm. She’s the most sought after, smart and cunning person ever to be thought of.  Louis Litt – if the elite humour of the plot can be showcased then it can be done by no one else but him. A math genius who Litt’s up the audience with other characters. Unlike usual ways of side tracking the plot with humor, his presence also highly contributes in driving the story forward.

Rachel Zane and Donna Paulson are the bestie duo of the series each of them playing subtle love interest of Mike and Harvey respectively. This paralegal and personal assistant duo get along gradually and look absolutely stunning in their attire each time they are presented onscreen.

Well now contrary to the generic trend of character development, here you can expect unconventional shades of these characters being portrayed. It literally seems unthinkable of how these shades contribute to make the audience understand the character better. The creator of this TV series “Aaron Korsh” deserves no less than a standing ovation for the way he managed to portray such a plot.

It’s definitely another 4 quadrant series which stands as the most addictive TV series of United States. A recommended watch for a forty minute long nail biting entertainment that seems to fly away in a jiffy.



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