So boards are done, cut-off lists will be out soon and most of you are planning their way on which college to apply to, selecting courses and sort of just mapping out the next 3 years of your life.

The first year of college can be a very stressful and confusing time for a lot of us.

It is not just the fact that most of us are entering into a new world, one outside of the safe walls of schools and the carefully created routine of school, but also new systems and ways are learning are being introduced.

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That is why, based on my own person experience and observations of other people, I have deduced a couple of things that you all must do in the first year of college:

1. Join a society

One of the first things that are a must and actually a bit clichéd is to join a society. Not only will it give you something in the extra-curricular department, but it will also make your college experience that much smoother and better than without it.

It also allows you to meet and interact with like-minded people with whom you might feel comfortable easily.

If you want to be bit different then go for a society that you would never join, as it will allow you to broaden your horizon and actually experience something entirely different.

2. Don’t join a group right away

One of the things that I saw many people in my first year and then regret was joining a group or clique too fast.

Unlike joining a society, this just limits one and keeps them sequestered in their own little comfort zone.

Not saying you have to be a social butterfly, but don’t just set yourself too fast right away.

3. Forget what you learnt in CBSE

This I actually wish someone had told me when I joined college because it truly would have helped me lot with understanding the workings there.

So in short, just forget everything you learned by CBSE, forget their rules and ways of teaching, because college is vastly different from it, in practically every way.

When giving your 1st-semester exams, don’t write in the CBSE format, don’t wait for the teachers to remind you of every little thing, there are no circulars being brought to your desk or timetable given.

4. Be friendly with your teachers

Now that you have forgotten whatever CBSE taught you, the next step is understanding how college works, and the best place to start is teachers.

Unlike school, teachers in college can make your college time smooth of difficult depending on how you interact with them.

In college teachers, albeit a few exceptions, are mostly open and friendly and it would do you good to make good relations with a couple of them straight of the bat.

They will help you not only during your 1st year but will also make great references when applying for studies abroad or a job.

5. Gain experience/knowledge outside of course

Speaking of a job or further studies abroad, it would be best to start gaining some kind of outside experience or knowledge besides your course.

Recruiters look very favourably upon those who have either of those and starting from the 1st year itself will give you enough time to explore and search out a wide variety of industries.

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