Penis Seat Installed In Metros, Reserved Only For Men For A Very Strong Reason

The metro is not exactly a cakewalk, what with the abundance of people and too little seats in there. Especially during rush hour, either in the morning or at evening, when people literally shove and push their way in, looking for one small square to stand in, metros are just uncomfortable in general.

But what Mexico city has done recently with its metro system is practically unheard of anywhere else.

Basically, the news that is going viral is the fact that Mexico City Metro has installed a ‘penis seat’ in their metros and it is reserved just for men.

And no, penis seat is not just a funny name given to the chair, but instead, it actually is a seat modeled after typical male physical form with chest, pecs, belly button and yes, a flaccid penis, thus justifying its given name.

This news has been going viral due to the unusual seat and the very graphic nature of it, but surprisingly the actual intent behind it much nobler than we might think.

penis seat

The Penis Seat Is To Raise Awareness For…

Sexual harassment that women face in metros and public transportation.

Yes people, the Mexican govt. has come up with this campaign to raise awareness and stop the increasing rate of women that are harassed and even assaulted on trains there.

“9 out of 10 women in Mexico city have been victims of some form of sexual violence”- is one of the slides in the campaign video which states exactly why this seat has been installed in the first place.

The whole goal with this is to give the men a taste of their own medicine and basically just have them experience the same discomfort and uneasiness that most women face when harassed.

And I do have to say that this seems to be an extremely effective manner of truly letting the other gender realise how females feel when they experience those incidents.

The video shows many people making disgusted faces at the very graphic seat and when an unsuspecting man has sat down in it, jumping up in shock when they feel the bulge of the penis.

You know that saying where you don’t really know something until it happens it you, well this campaign is just putting that into effect.

I think Delhi Metro too should take a little something from this and do something to curb the growing harassment that women face in metros.

Sure they have their own compartment, but does that mean that women should not travel in the general one at all? For fear of being assaulted? Is that really something we want to encourage? Not really right?

Let us just hope that such campaigns can be executed here too, because well, it’s not like we have a dearth of assault on women on a daily basis, right?

Image Credits: Google Images

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