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Your Door To Bollywood Dreams: JoinFilms


If you dream of a career in the movie business, this is the right time to get going for it with ‘Joinfilms’, a YouTube channel run by popular mentor and Film Trade consultant Virendra Rathore.

Rathore believes in the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

virendra rathore

Therefore, his advice is instead of sitting idle at home, choose your favourite vocation and work towards it. And if your aspiration is Bollywood, if you want to be an actor, music director, editor, singer, writer, cinematographer, then he is the man to help you out.

JoinFilms is a high-end concept developed to support genuine talented individuals across the spectrum, not just through education but also through practical knowledge. Their programs are designed to provide on-the-job training.

For starters, Rathore holds a live career counselling session everyday at 5 pm on his JoinFilms YouTube Channel. In these sessions, he gives free video lessons on every job and profession associated with the film industry. In addition, the channel also presents interviews with renowned talents in the industry, across spectrum, like films, TV, digital media, etc.

From developing suitable skill-set to learning the trade secrets, the JoinFilms YouTube channel gives you an early start towards what could be a fruitful career made of tinsel dreams.

Your research for a film career could also begin with the JoinFilms App, especially since the current lockdown has provided you with ample time to spare. In effect, JoinFilms is a one-stop solution to all your doubts, especially since Virendra Rathore provides you information not available with any other mentor in the town.

This is the fastest-growing platform for enthusiasts as well as movie buffs, who want in-depth information about a career in Bollywood. Virendra Rathore says, “It is the easiest way to walk the road, which you did not know how to walk. Plan your dreams that you thought can never come true.”

Rathore’s YouTube channel has close to a million subscribers on YouTube, in addition to other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, TikTok and LinkedIn. Virendra is already a social media celebrity, whose communication skills and assertive stance have made him a popular choice as a mentor.

Moreover, Rathore also has his own production house, JoinFilms Productions, wherein he has been actively producing content for the past two decades. Among the movies he has produced so far, there is ‘Wife Hai Toh Life Hai’ and the Bhojpuri feature ‘Dulha Babu.’

Additionally, JoinFilms also produces audio-visual content for corporate clients like Reliance Jio, Maruti Nexa, CISF and others. Speaking to aspiring youngsters, Rathore says, “It has been believed that to join films you need Godfather but now it is possible for all genuinely talented people from all walks of life, any place, city or village to join the range of professions in the film industry through timely action, the right attitude, love
for profession, enthusiasm and proper industry training.”

Virendra Rathore also wants to hold career-oriented workshops in the coming days in smaller cities like Ranchi and Dehradun. Use both JoinFilms App and JoinFilms YouTube channel to be ready for a career in films and media industries.

Once the lockdown is over, you would be well-prepared to embark on a dream career.

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