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World’s only application public chain, AITD Blockchain with complete financial licenses to launch soon


Since the birth of Blockchain technology, it has encountered countless doubts and suppressions. Although in recent years, Blockchain has gradually begun to be accepted by policies and the public, the development status of the industry is still negative; observing throughout the entire industry, whether technical strength or project ecological design, it is still at developing stage and subject to many restrictions; to break barriers and break bottlenecks, all practitioners are required to devote more energy into jointly create the future of the Blockchain industry!

The barriers are already there, where is the exit?

When it comes to Blockchain, many people’s first impression is Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Since Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin white paper, the value of Bitcoin has skyrocketed and it still possessing the top 1 position in Blockchain industry, but this does not mean that Bitcoin is perfect. In fact, although the Bitcoin network possesses the open source trait of  Blockchain, it does not actually go beyond the information island problem of the public chain; This problem is also existed in most public chain projects, both exist in the same way. The isolation of the network makes it difficult to cooperate for Block-chain network and greatly to limit the development space of Blockchain technology.

As the second largest giant in the Blockchain industry, the Ethereum super public chain is still facing many difficulties despite the blessing of the genius V God. First is the well-known problem of network congestion, the efficiency problem of the Ethereum public chain appeared three or four years ago, but dilation of the public chain has always been a difficult task to achieve; Since 2020, the DeFi concept has been well-known in the entire encryption industry, attracting countless capitals to enter the industry madly and the industry phenomenon like  “Every project can be Defi” is emerging. However, due to Defi projects being mostly based on the Ethereum network, the breakout of the industry has caused problems such as Ethereum’s dilation problems and processing fees problems has brought to people’s attention.

On the other hand, technically speaking, many hot Defi projects in the industry that is called “decentralized finance”, but in fact they have not been cut out for central control; For most current Defi projects, almost none of the initially developed versions can fully meet market expectations and many core functions still need to be modified & updated continuously. The project founding team must have authoritative control to complete the upgrade in time; This means that a large part of the Defi projects we see now need to be controlled by the project founding team.

The Blockchain industry seems to attracting many people’s attention, but in fact it is facing various difficulties such as the difficulty of decentralization, the difficulty of expanding the capacity of the public chain and continuing rising transaction fees. The future development for Defi industry seems to be difficult; Due to Blockchain technology tamper prove trait, the problems that have emerged in the projects created before are difficult to fully and properly resolved. This is also the reason why the bad effect continuously emerging after Dilation of ETHEM emerged ; Therefore, facing so many Blockchain industries which experiencing multiple barriers, they can only count on new projects to break the bottleneck and achieve rebirth of the industry.

So, among the nascent Blockchain projects, Is there a project that can afford this arduous task? We found that among many new projects, a public chain called AITD Blockchain has attracted the attention of many medias. AITD Blockchain was born in Singapore. Although the main network has not launched officially, AITD Blockchain has been chosen from tens of millions Blockchain projects and has brought industry attention.

According to the survey results, the AITD Blockchain is a new generation of commercial-grade public chain with the theme of “achieving the Universal Deposit, Universal Exchange and exchange of global financial assets”. It will also be the world’s only application public chain with a full financial licenses and AITD Blockchain has strong strength in terms of techniques, team background and project ecological design. Next, let’s take a closer look at this unexpected winner in this industry.

Industry stars, why does AITD become popular?

Behind the industry’s unexpected winner “AITD Blockchain is the American International Trust Development Bank (AITD) with a strong consortium background; AITD is owned and operated by the Brown family consortium with strong capital strength and begin to transform the Blockchain financial payment field in 2018 ; AITD unites not only Cheung Kong Industrial Trust and Goldman Sachs Bank, but also the world’s five major payment and settlement systems (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB) to build a huge international trust empire; AITD currently possessing branches in 49 countries and regions around the world and holding more than $19 billion in energy trust assets for 7 major oil fields, more than 300 oil wells, more than 19 million tons of crude oil reserves.

AITD has well prepared for a long time to enter Blockchain fields. In 2015, AITD has united with Stanford University’s School of Computer Science to organize a 160-person Blockchain development team. The current R&D team has expanded to more than 1,400 people. The team took 6 years to make the Blockchain global legal currency exchange, issuing such as quick settlement and security verification have been effectively solved and at the same time, three-dimensional trust verification and multi-dimensional settlement technology have been developed, which has increased the verification efficiency in Blockchain technology by hundreds of times.

The design model of the AITD Blockchain has gradually finalized during this 6-year research and development; Team is building AITD to be new generation public chain at business level with strong financial ecosystem, which is able to achieve global financial assets Universal exchanges. AITD Blockchain also never hide it’s ambition. The project clearly stated that the vision is achieving “Connect the world and Crypto enlighten the future.”

To achieve this goal, AITD Blockchain has made sufficient preparations. From 2015 to the present, the project has continued to penetrate into the Blockchain technology industry and strive to achieve breakthrough in technology; The project has accumulated a strong technical team accounting for more than 70% and its members are all senior technicians who have been engaged in the Internet industry for many years. Achieving multiple accomplishments; Team has solved the most important Dilation problems in the Blockchain network. AITD Blockchain will build an unlimited dilation system to achieve “transactions is block”vision; This breakthrough has a profound meaning in the whole industries.

At the same time, the design of the AITD Blockchain financial ecology is almost perfect. The public chain will integrate the four major advantages of Blockchain technology, such as Traceability, Gateway, Transaction is block, and Unlimited TPS to create a decentralized financial system that is coordinating Defi concept. From finance covers life, from Global asset free circulation payment to unlimited application scenarios, AITD Blockchain will build a giant public chain across the world, or it will be able to carry 4.3 billion DAPPs of various industries to run on public chain.

During the 6-year research and development processes of the AITD Blockchain project, relying on its strong financial background and technical strength, it has won the support of more than dozens of countries and millions of community members; At the same time, AITD Blockchain has won countless financial qualifications that almost include whole financial industries qualifications across multiple countries that other Blockchain companies do not have. Currently, AITD held: 42 national insurance licenses, 41 national bank licenses, 11 national Trust licenses and 3 national Blockchain Exchanges. License and a payment license for an international digital exchange.

With strong technical strength + strong financial background, AITD Blockchain may bring new forces and qualified expert into the whole Blockchain industries;  According to the understanding, AITD Blockchain public chain mainline has entering testing phase. It will be launched officially soon and we can witness the birth of this star project together.

The Global trend, witness the future!

Countless new projects are born in the Blockchain industry every year, but there are few projects that can survive and bring changes and development to the society & industry. AITD Blockchain was originally designed to solve the global financial payment and value circulation problems. The birth of AITD Blockchain allow us to see the progress and hopes of this industry.

With the advancement of the global digital currency research and development process, the Blockchain technology battle is no longer a pure project competition, but also a battle between technological power and financial markets among countries around the world; In fact, since this year, countries around the world have not stopped researching digital currency due to pandemic, the research speed has been facilitating.

In January of this year, the Bank for International Settlements and the Swedish Central Bank, the Swiss Central Bank, the Central Bank of Japan, the Central Bank of Canada and other banking giants jointly established the Central Bank Digital Currency Organization and conducted systematic research & development on the application cases of CBDC; February On the 11th, the chairman of the Federal Reserve stated that he is studying CBDC, but has not yet decided whether to introduce a digital dollar; On February 21, the Swedish Central Bank also started the world’s first central bank digital currency electronic crown test, becoming the world’s first central bank which testing digital currency.

Bank of France, the Central Bank of Korea, the Bank of England and other financial institutions have joined this market battle due to the influences of above countries; Hawaii even directly announced the establishment of the “Digital Currency Innovation Institute”; media research reports show that there are around 60s central banks in the world, 18 banks have publicly acknowledged the development or issuance of their own CBDC, at least 4 countries have publicly issued digital currencies, while the other 14 banks are also developing digital currencies or partnering with third-party Chain software vendors to started the pilot program together.

The recognition and research of Blockchain from each country and global financial institute, means that the era of Blockchain industry is generally accepted by the public is coming; especially in highly developing time of the industry, the requirement for new born projects will be higher; with the gradual standardization of the Blockchain industry, various policies and requirements will also be clear; therefore, if new projects want to survive under the new rules, they must have real grounded application scenarios and value.

AITD Blockchain we mentioned earlier is based on the project vision of achieving the “Universal deposit, Exchange and Exchange” of global financial assets and is committed to create a truly decentralized financial platform for the exchange of global asset value; From this point of view, the AITD Blockchain can bring more positive changes and progress to the global Blockchain industries & financial industry.

With such a strong strength and background, the AITD Blockchain public chain can create a new giant in the Blockchain industry as desired. A common word among Blockchain practitioners is “Consensus determine value, value determines the future”; we believe that true valuable projects will be proved by time. Let us witness the future!

About AIDT:

AITD Blockchain is a new generation of commercial-grade public chain.

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