The thriller classic of a few decades ago, Top Gun, starring Tom Cruise, is all set to roll out a sequel in July 2020 titled Top Gun: Maverick. 

What It’s About?

While the first movie was about the lives of US Navy aviators undergoing their fast-paced training at Miramar, the sequel has Maverick, played by Tom Cruise, return as an instructor where he was once a student. 

Why It’s A Copy Of The Rocky/Creed Movies? 

  • Similar Backstory: The initial Rocky movies focused on the high-flying career of star boxer Rocky Balboa. Similarly, the first Top Gun movie was all about Maverick and his high flying life at Miramar.
  • Similar Storyline: Similarly, the first Top Gun movie showed the friendship between Maverick and his contemporary, Goose, whose untimely death affected Maverick adversely. In the Creed movies, Apollo Creed is no more, and Rocky feels a sense of responsibility towards his contemporary’s son.
  • Literally the Same Theme: In the sequel, Maverick is to act as a mentor and instructor to Goose’s son, who is now a student at Miramar himself. Similarly, in the Creed series, an ageing Rocky Balboa passes on his skills by training Apollo Creed’s son, Adonis.

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The excitement around the release

Several defence enthusiasts from my generation and people from my mother’s (especially those of the female variety, who had a crush on Tom Cruise in their younger days) are waiting for Top Gun 2 with bated breath. 

Regarding the success of the movie, I don’t think the fact that the Top Gun franchise is making the most of the success of the previous movie to chart out a predictable and done-before storyline will have a negative impact on fans. 

As to whether the movie itself impresses to leaves much to be desired, that we will know only after its release. 

For now, let’s hope that Tom Cruise brings back the charisma and style he had oodles of in the first film. 

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