Disclaimer: Content warning for people collapsing and heart attacks.

There is a recent phenomenon going on, where an increase in heart attacks among Indians, especially the youth is being seen. In fact, today ‘#heartattack’ was even trending on Twitter, with people sharing disturbing and concerning videos of people collapsing while doing mundane things as a way to call attention to what is happening.

Over just this year itself, several famous personalities have passed away due to cardiac arrest, like Siddhaanth Vir Suryavanshi (actor, 46) and Raju Srivastava (comedian, 58) and not just this, but cases of common people have also come out where they’ve died due to heart failures.

A 21-year-old Virendra Singh Ramesh Bhai Rajput in Gujarat’s Anand area died while dancing at a Garba event, then just on Saturday news came out of how a UP teacher just 23 years-old pased away while they were praying.

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In light of this, doctors too have been sharing some tips and things to be cautious of in such a scenario.

Why This Rise Of Heart Attacks?

Cardiologists have been noticing these numbers and asking people to be more careful with their health. As per reports, around 5,000 Indian doctors have noticed that its not just young adults but even school kids that need to be made aware of chronic heart disease (CHD).

Dr Rajiv Gupta, Convener of CSI- Preventive Cardiology Council and Chairman of Preventive Cardiology, Internal Medicine and Research, Eternal Heart Care Centre, Jaipur has apparently given the reasons for this increase of heart attacks among Indians as:

  • pollution,
  • depression,
  • increased screen time,
  • high sugar intake
  • lack of physical activities

Dr. Debabrata Roy, Honorary General Secretary, CSI and a Senior Consulting Interventional Cardiologist also said that “This is happening because of a remarkable change in lifestyle – lack of physical activity, eating a carb rich diet – 86 per cent of the diet is carb, and addiction to tobacco and alcohol. Fast food chains are coming in.

None of them adhere to the FSSAI recommended levels of fat, salt and sugar. Need of the hour is not only spreading awareness, but also ensuring that the community adheres to such lifestyle modifications.”

Apparently, at a recent event held in September, doctors across India also commented on how India can perhaps be called the chronic heart disease capital of the world, considering how alarmingly the frequency of deaths by heart attack is increasing in the country.

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