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Why Deadline Politics Strategy Used By Modi, Kejriwal Is A Trap: Beware


“Will bring back money within 100 days of government”

“Free Wifi across Delhi within 1 year.”

Remember in school when teachers used to assign a particular date for assignment submissions. And being the dilettante we were, we either completed it a night before or sought a deadline extension for it (provided you are brave). But as soon as we entered the professional environment (or as you call it: work sphere), we realized that skipping a deadline would not bring any sort of benefit for us leave behind the promotion. If the boss says to complete a project on 19th then completing it on 18th is the only way to move up in the hierarchy of that organization.

This is the part where we grew up.

It looks like our politicians didn’t. They are those students who sat at the front in classrooms but still would have no clue what the teacher is talking about and nodding constantly to show their fake acknowledgment towards the teacher.

Now let’s talk pure politics. The BJP government promised to bring black money back to India within 100 days if they are elected. Some economist of “high” value calculated that each Indian will get 15 lacs once black money comes back. Well, I’m still waiting for it to credit in my bank account. A black money panel was also made which had names of account holders but to no avail.

AAP promised free Wi-Fi to Delhi within a year or two. And how can one forget the Lokpal Act which was to be introduced within 15 days?!

When everyone is running the race then how can Samajwadi Party be behind? Akhilesh Yadav promised that he will keep away from MLAs who have criminal cases as soon as they win the elections. Fun Fact: 49% of SP MLAs in UP Assembly have criminal cases and 25% of SP MLAs have serious criminal charges against them.

Recently, AAP again declared that they will curb the drug problem in Punjab within one month if they are elected to power. Seems like Kejriwal is learning some lessons from BJP on how to win an election with mass support and get away with it.

Days. Weeks. Months. A Year.

The general public is not stupid, but, at the same time, we are. We know that these are not doctor’s prescriptions. Subah Ek Goli aur Shaam Ko Ek Goli, 5 Din Mey Fever Sahi Ho Jayga. No, it’s not like this. Such things can’t be calculated, predicted or tallied. It can only be assumed or hoped, to be true.

Seeing a deadline we tend to act like a dog who is running for the bone that has been thrown at him.

We know that dates given by political parties are nothing but a sensitive and clearly marked shot at our psychological senses and yet we advocate for it (when announced) or against it (when it fails). After all, Psychology is a tricky concept.

Surveys, and graphs have fooled us enough. Now deadlines are the new propaganda. A newly emerged genre of political promises.



Prateek Gupta
Prateek Gupta
Law student who cares and writes.



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