The OTTT or online streaming platforms saw a massive boom post the unleashing of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns and restrictions it resulted in.

Although it had been gaining ground for quite some time before that too, however, it was after countries upon countries went into lockdown, theatres were closed down for long periods and people were told to stay at home and not go out anywhere, that the OTT platforms saw their true rise to power.

Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sony LIV, Disney+ Hotstar, Zee5 and so many more platforms saw immense booms in profits and several more such platforms were launched in order to capitalise on this demand for entertainment content right to a person’s personal device.

But where there are all these pros there are also some cons and a recent study by Accenture has revealed that a big chunk of Indians are quite frustrated with this sector now.

Why Are Indians Frustrated With OTT?

Accenture recently carried out a survey of 6,000 customers over 11 countries in order to under the streaming sector and what lies next for it. From this study, over half of them or around 46% of Indians revealed that around 6 minutes are spent by them just trying to find something to watch on these platforms.

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Around 60% of the Indian consumers feel that the OTT content they are paying subscriptions for is not very relevant to them. 81% of people in the survey also commented that they would like their profile to be shared among several different OTT platforms to get more accurately personalised content.

The thing that is frustrating almost 69% of Indians using OTT though is the whole process of going through several different services in order to find something to watch.

This makes sense when you think about how a person has to now make individual profiles for each platform, even just to access their free content and then pay different amounts to each different platform for their own particular subcriptions.

All this is quite different from what the Indian audience is used to with regular TV channels, were you can buy a pack of several different channels and then just browse through them without having to go about logging in or buying subscription for each individual channel.

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Sources: The Indian Express, Livemint, Business Insider India

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