March 28: Kawasi’s journey has been anything but perfect; but he wouldn’t change a thing. After tons of rejection and self-discovery, He is the best version of himself. It is told that having musical talent is all you need, however, he has learned that tenacity and discipline are the most important talents of all.

  1. What first got him into music? 

As a child, I was raised by my grandmother, Reather Weston. I often suffered from anxiety because I didn’t know my parents. My grandmother got me radio at 5 years old to help cope with the pain. This introduced me to music. She said I never turned it off. Playing Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, and Prince all night long. It’s safe to say music found me; then it saved me. I am everything I am because of those voices I heard come from that wooden radio she bought for me. 

  1. Who inspired him to make music?

I remember I felt so much all the time, about everything. Especially the loneliness I felt for the  lack of inclusion from my peers. I began to write when I was only six years old. Imitating those voices, I heard from the radio. Shortly after, everything had a purpose. I could make anything into a song. So, life itself inspired me to make music. Learning how to streamline my emotions with music, literally saved my life.

  1. How would Kawasi describe the music that he typically creates? 

I was given advice early on by one of my idols on the radio. Though this advice wasn’t directly given to me, I always kept it close. Whitney Houston once said, “Never sang a note you don’t mean”. For me, this meant that every note needs a purpose or a sense of emotional recall. If it doesn’t, the listener will hear it instantly. I’ve taken that advice and learned that my music is more soulful when I mean it, no matter what genre. The soul always seeps into my cadence and pronunciation because it’s always truth.

  1. Who would he most like to collaborate with? 

My dream collaboration would be Prince. Though he is no longer with us; he is the reason. He has done so much on and off that stage that truly revolutionizes what an artist should be and the heights they can reach. His musicianship is unparalleled, and he will be immortal because of his contributions to music.

  1. What is one message Kawasi would give to his fans? 

I call my supporters the “Dreamers,” because we are all dreamers at one point in our life; then we are told we must wake up and get a real job. Later conforming to society’s standard of success. My message would be “They call us dreamers, but we never sleep. They call us cowards but how brave are we, to get up every day and chase our fears away, they call us dreamers but we’re not dreamers, we are believers.”

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