With seats almost full in the popular colleges & courses of DU, the 2nd cut-off has offered a sigh of relief for the students who still hope to grab a seat in the colleges of DU.

The admission process under this cut-off has begun and will be conducted from 25th to 27th June.

As per the reports, cut-offs have witnessed a marginal dip in this list and about 25% seats in all the colleges have been filled after the first cut-off.

Let’s take a sneak peek for all the courses and colleges which might release further cut-offs, and which have already been closed!

#1. BA Economics (Hons.):

While SRCC lowered its cut-off at 98.25% the college is confident that all of the seats will be filled by the end of this cut-off.

LSR-being the premier institution for arts courses has already been closed for this course.

Hindu and Hans Raj College are still open and expected to release further cut-offs.

Venky is also at 97.25% and might release further lists as the few seats have not been filled as of now.

DU 2nd Cut-Off

B. Com. (Hons.):

SRCC-being Asia’s topmost college for Commerce has reduced its cut-off to 97.37% but this dip tends to increase the probability of over-admissions due to which no more cut-offs are expected.

LSR has been already reserved after the first list.

Hindu, Hans Raj and Kirorimal may release at least one more list considering the skewness of the students towards SRCC and LSR in these subsequent lists.

BSc. Physics (Hons.):

SGTB Khalsa and Daulat Ram College are already full after the first list. According to Savita Roy- the principle of Daulat Ram College, there were more takers than the seats which resulted in the closure of this course.

Hindu College, being the beacon for Science courses, has also been able to attract the students, thus, reserving all the seats.

Hans Raj and Sri Venkateshwara seem to be confident that there would be no vacant seats left after this cut-off.

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BSc Chemistry (Hons.):

Hindu and Daulat Ram College are the most sought colleges for this course across DU. They have no more seats left due to the over-admissions in the first list.

Hans Raj, SGTB Khalsa & Venky might accept admissions in the further lists as well.

B.A. English (Hons.):

Meanwhile, LSR, Hans Raj & Hindu College, have a lot of seats vacant and are expected to stay open in the further lists as well.

Few seats have been filled as of now, in these top-notch institutions.

DU 2nd Cut-Off

B.A. (Programme):

Hindu College and IP College for Women have no more seats left and are not expected to open in any subsequent list considering the scenario of other colleges like Hans Raj and Daulat Ram College which have vacant seats in their lap in this list.

Previous years’ records reveal that the popularity of this course has made it get reserved after the first two subsequent lists only.

B.A. Political Science (Hons.):

Zakir Hussain College provides an environment which fits this course the best out of the lot. It is open now, but no more cut-offs shall be released thereafter.

Miranda House has already closed its admissions, while Kirorimal is open, and it shall release one more cut-off.

“Earlier, the colleges would not know the cut-offs for other colleges, so they would announce higher cut-offs. But this time, we asked them to announce a tentative list that could be seen by all colleges. The colleges then adjusted their cut-offs and announced a realistic list,” Patil said.

After this cut-off, around 55-60% seats are expected to be filled in by various colleges.

Subsequent cut-offs can be expected for the Arts courses, while Science and Commerce might release one more cut-off.

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Sources: NDTV, Indian Express, Hindustan Times +more

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