Has it ever happened to you that you got so lost in the white and pale green text bubbles of a Whatsapp window, that when your friend called you, you were snapped back into a dazed reality, like you had been kicked up from a dream? Only to find out that you had been gone for hours?! Well, that happened to me.

And it reminded me of how much this app (or any other social media app) was like Leonardo’s movie about dreams: perplexing my mind about what’s existent and what’s not…

Here’s a list of how similar they both are. Bet you can relate…

1. They are words that you start with :P

Here’s how:  Whatsapp originated from What’s up (No Shit, Sherlock)
Inception means Beginning, as dictated by the Oxford Dictionary.


2. You lose the sense of time in both

In Inception, 5 minutes of dozing in the real world meant an hour of dream time. In Whatsapp, you waste hours quibbling on groups and private chats, and don’t even know when the clock struck 0200 hrs!


3. You lose the hold of reality

You like to be involved in the “other world” as you spend more and more time there. This is termed as addiction (in case of texting).


4. You can never remember how you got there

Can’t remember what you said to end up in this subject of conversation?? At the end of a dream (and text session), you only remember the climactic parts, not the head and tail of it.


5. There are so many levels!

You can have conversations within conversations. And dreams within dreams.


6. The crazy followers

You may have loved them once, but you need to block them eventually.

giphy (1)

7. “The moment has passed… you can’t change it.”

Whatsapp has so many features except message recalling!


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8. You are dead to the actual world…

You are as good as a vegetable in the real world, while you are live wire in your dream/text space. And you need a kick to snap out of both.


9. Each has his own totem

The particular phone of particular brand with the particular cover and personalized scratches and cracks (if any). Only you know the weight and balance of it.


So, did I win the bet or what? You will agree that Dreams and Whatsapp aren’t mutually exclusive. Because just last night, you dreamt of a conversation, which was about a dream…


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