English Honours is not one of the most reputed and sought after course for nothing.

Being one myself, I can attest to the fact that there is just something different about this course from the rest. Something that you won’t necessarily find in other courses that easily or even at all.

Being such a kind of course, obviously, comes with some quirks and characteristics of its own.

Just like you can recognize a journalism student from their hobo bag (sorry for the stereotype) the same way even English Honour students have their own quirks unique to them.

But… you must have already read a few such listicles out there. What I believe you would not have seen are the quirks that English Honour students have when they are getting their masters.

masters in english hons.

So here are a few such traits that you will probably find in every English Hons. student pursuing their master’s degree from DU:

1. Have a favourite Romantic poet.

2. Can quote at least two lines of Shakespeare.

3. Definitely, have an existential crisis.

4. Judges everyone because it is wired in their brain.

5. Chai/Coffee addicts. Else hot chocolate charchas.

6. Experimental kinds or extreme conservatives.

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7. Has tried writing a novel/novella at least once.

8. Classic over thinkers.

9. They begin to see, smell, absorb problem everywhere and forget to take things lightly. It is almost as if they are not ready to see things simply so because they know how Postmodernism (not going into its subsets) has affected our ideas.

10. Humour evaporates, but they can have LOTS of inside jokes. Literary jokes that they might not like to crack in front of Others.

11. Also, because they involve themselves with such diverse ideas coming from lost corners of the world they tend to think from different pov, which seems natural for them. But very disturbing to someone else.

12. End up philosophising things unnecessarily. Because just so. Thanks to the master’s course.

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