Mental health and depression should be vital topics of discussion now more than ever. With the hustle-bustle of the day, we forget about keeping a check on our loved ones. And even when we do, mental health is the least of the concern amongst us because when it comes to mental health, most people think 

Mental illness? Depression?

Kahi pagal to nahi ho rahe ho beta!

That’s the degree of ignorance a mentally ill person faces. Even the percentage of people who know about mental health have a puzzled idea of it.

There are lots of myths or misconceptions about depression. Below are some of the myths we all believed about depression but are actually not true.

Depression Is Not Being Just Sad

depression myths

Feeling sad is one of the symptoms of depression, but that’s not all of it. 

Depressed people feel many more emotions than just being sad, and their feelings can’t be described. It’s like being anxious, self-doubting, useless, hopeless, and not feeling worthy of anything. 

Mind you, this is just the surface, there is a lot more to it. So, don’t ever think a depressed person is just sad!

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Depression Is Triggered by A Specific Event

depression myths

Depression is more of an illness than a feeling.

It’s a disorder that affects your brain and the way you think, act, or feel. A depressed person cannot just wipe it off by positive thoughts or validations.

However, a specific event can make depression worse.

Depression makes you sad, even if there is not a single reason to feel so. Sometimes, you just wake up and feel depressed, and there is not a specific reason you can pinpoint.

Get Antidepressants And Counselling, And Everything Will Be Fine

Anti-depressants help to lessen the depression, but it does not help everyone. Depression is not the same for everyone, and the way to get out of it is also not the same for everyone. 

Some do not feel the need to get counselling while some do and find it hard to open up.

However, medical attention can help hugely in dealing with depression. Also, there are various treatment options available now like Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), to help overcome depression sooner.

Think Positive And It Will Go Away

I wish it worked that way!

Depression is not controllable.

A person cannot just think positively, and make the depression vanish. Some studies say the brain of a depressed person produces less “happy” hormones like dopamine and serotonin, etc.

People can’t control their thoughts or feelings, but anti-depressants can help to feel less depressed. 

Depressed! Do You Want The Address To A Mental Asylum?

depression myths

As vague as it sounds, it’s painfully true. Some people do relate depression to being “crazy” or “abnormal”.

Depression is so common now that you can’t even tell if the person next to you is depressed or not. Depressed people act normal, they smile, they go through their routine just like everyone. 

Some stay quiet and sad while some stay happy. It is almost impossible to detect someone’s mental health with one’s mood.

Talking and expressing can be hard, but it is a vital step to get out of that darkness. 

Communicate and listen!

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