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QuoraED: What Is The Latest Fad Among The Youth Of India?


QuoraED is a section where we pick up a popular question doing the rounds on Quora and weave a story around it!

We, as a generation are sometimes fad-slaves. A lot of these stem from social media. Some major incident happens and everyone goes crazy discussing and sometimes over-analyzing it. That becomes a national pass time and a part of office/college conversations the next few days.

One or the other trend keeps us busy for about a week or more and then we wonder ‘Are ye saal badi jaldi nikal gaya!’ All thanks to these fads.

A question on Quora addressed the same issue and we found some very bang on answers!

The original questions says, What is the latest fad among the youth of India?”

See what people had to say about it!

1. God Bless the user who mentioned Facebook profile picture filter

   “Showing solidarity with Paris”.

“How does a profile picture change communicate anything to the world other than popping into news feeds of our Facebook ‘friends’? Aren’t people in Paris trying vehemently to move on with their lives, trying to bring things back to speed or are they logging in Facebook and counting the number of people who have shown solidarity with them? Or else is the terrorist organisation that has claimed the attacks logging into their Facebook account and feeling afraid on seeing the sheer number of people showing solidarity with Paris attacks?”

“No…Nothing is going to happen because of profile picture. This is another way that Facebook invented to engage its users and it has succeeded in it.”

2. Start-ups
Almost all your fellas from school or college have a start-up because nobody likes the 9-5 jobs anymore. They are not the “cool” thing to do.

So this user said, “Everyone now has a passion to become an “entrepreneur”. This start up boom has infiltrated into the minds of a lot youngsters. Now corporate/government jobs are seen as boring, unadventurous and unfulfilled.The new cool thing in society is to have a start up. TVF took account of this and even came up with their series of ‘pitchers’ in which start ups are even more glorified.
Similarly a “cool factor” is being associated to those working in a start-up. A room filled with bean bags in which people with worn out faces, shabby jeans, face full of beard are sitting and “working” is the image which one associate when people talk of working in a start up.”

3. Open letters

The internet is flooded with Open letters over every second issue and this user gave out a list of open letters to be seen as an example.
And is quite right I believe.

Latest of the latest fad is to write an ‘open letter’ after whatever happens..

See for yourself:

-An Open Letter to Men Who Respond With TLRs

-Open letter to PM Modi: As NDA government completes one year, four portfolios need to undergo radical surgery

-An open letter to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal from an AAP supporter

-An Open Letter to My Bed

-An Open Letter to Prannoy Roy From St. Stephen’s Principal

-Blog: An Open Letter to Salman Khan by NDTV’s Ravish Kumar

-Shenaz Treasurywala’s Open Letter to PM, Bachchan, SRK, Salman and Aamir!

And the list goes on and on…”

4. Ask for Silk
Now this is something blatantly honest and I don’t understand why on Earth does it even happen? Infact, people who are not really fond of Silk as a chocolate also ask for it.
“This is the ultimate thing you can possibly ask from someone in return for a favour”, wrote the user.


5. Travel the world


Once upon a time, it was all hunky dory before the release of Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. After watching the movie, ALMOST EVERY PERSON says “I want to travel the world”. But the moment you call them for an outing with all the friends they say – “Yaar I am sleeping.”
This user spoke quite the same that people “Say at least 2 times a day to everyone around you, “Dude, I want to travel the world”.

6. Happy Mother’s/ Father’s Day

“Wishing their parents on Mother’s and Father’s Day on Facebook, even though they are not on Facebook. The whole concept of “days” for parents is a farce anyway.”

Oooh! Now this is pretty harsh way to say it by the user. But also makes sense for a lot of people.

 7. Photography pages on Facebook
“Owning DSLR = “photography is my passion”. So there is no skill required what so ever? Great!”

Nailed it here!

Now try and think how many of these fads have you been following and say it in your head ‘Guilty MyLord’!

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