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Magic eye

What if the world that we live in is not real? What if we are inside someone’s head…a part of some grand imagination? What if all that we go through every day, all that we have ever achieved, all that we see, feel and hear isn’t real? What if we are not who we think we are? What if we are trapped inside some vivid imaginary place? Remember, it is just a piece of imagination you are reading.

Imagine us waking up one day in a blank space- white and blank, nothing to see or feel or hear. No colours, no sounds, nothing at all. It happened because the person, in whose imagination we lived, broke his/her thought process. The person stopped thinking. As a result our lives, as we know it, ended. The surroundings, people, buildings, trees and animals everything we ever saw in the world ended. Question- we were a part of the imagination, how come we would still be there? Again, remember, it is just a piece of imagination you are reading.

As the imagination ends, we are trapped inside a new space which is completely unknown and blank. We have nothing. The life’s essentials- water, air, food are not present. Question- do we need these even when we aren’t really alive and just a part of someone’s imagination? Well, remember, it is just a piece of imagination you are reading.

Talking of feelings, would we still feel the love and hate that we felt when the imagination was going on? Would the heart stop beating and the lungs stop pulling and puffing air? Would the brain stop functioning and the veins stop carrying blood? Question- when we know we are not alive, do we still need the life to go on? As I said, it is a piece of imagination you are reading.


Ok… so what if this were a big dream we just lived. All that happened and the entire lives we lived were a mere dream. A sweet dream or a nightmare? It’s for you to decide. All the hard work we did, all our lives, would be gone the second we open our eyes. The dream crashes as soon as the alarm clock rings. Poof! It’s gone. The whole journey we called life would end in a flicker. Was this a long sleep or was the dream sequence rushing at jet-speed? The life just whooshed pass you. Question- am I inspired by DiCaprio’s “Inception”? All I can say is that it is to be remembered at all times this is a piece of imagination you are reading.

Now, what if we mix up the ‘dream’ we saw and the ‘imagination’ of that “someone” we lived in? We get a hell of a ride. What’s real, what’s not, who is to decide? If the dream we saw was a part of the imagination of the person whose mind we lived in, would we still be living to see the dreams? Or what if the imagination was being imagined during the dreamy sleep we had, what would be the life we would have? Question- am I high on weed and out of my mind? Alas, dear, it is my imagination! Run along! Poof!



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