Where the world is surrounded by technology, few are those people who still believe in handwritten letters when it comes to conveying one’s feelings.

Handwritten letters are like photographs; you see them when you want to delve into your long gone past. How refreshing it would be when one day while flailing through the closet suddenly you find a shoebox full of letters and mementos!

A flood of memories would come and will take you back to your cherished times.

The fact that handwritten letters can never go out of time is based on the things which you’ll not experience in emails or text messages.

They are tangible and bolsters the idea of the sender’s effort of sitting down and putting a part of his/her own into the letter; person’s complete involvement during the time of writing, concentrating solely on you is something you can’t ignore and forget.

The anticipation you feel while opening the envelope, slowly unfolding it, scraping the supplemental triangular portion of that envelope and as you do, you see a portion of the letter inside which makes you open it hastily. These are some of the things which are absent in emails and text messages.

But what if you share the same zeal for handwritten letters but have a handwriting of a two- year old or you don’t have that much time to write or maybe you don’t want to write but want to look concerned?

Then don’t get despaired. There are many start-ups like CallyAlly, LetteraMail, The Indian Handwritten Letter Co. (TIHLC), etc that will happily do it for you for not more than a hundred rupees.


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They have various types of letters to offer from love letters to celebrities’ fan mail. You just have to send them the addresses and the points you need to include in your letter. They write in English and also in many regional languages.


Moreover, for those who have a good handwriting can also apply to these start-ups.


There is also a Random Letter Project by LetteraMail. In it, you just have to write a letter about whatever you want and LetteraMail will send it to any stranger.

You can bring a smile to a random person by your letters. It is like putting a note in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean.

It aims to promote human connection through handwritten letters in a world which is digitally shrinking.

Start-ups like these are good signs in the world of Facebook and other social platforms where we have come more close to each other but are going distant in terms of personal touch.

Image Source: The Indian Handwritten Letter Co.

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