The Delhi University (DU) admissions for 2019 are starting soon, but with the latest news being that the process has been delayed, the UGC is making other few changes to the system this year. 

A lot of criticism has been lashed out at DU and how they are running things, making it further more difficult and stressful for the students applying. 

Now, in a new turn of events, it has been revealed that the admission process will not be starting from the earlier decided date of April 15th 2019. 

The Admission Committee informed about this delay due to the fact that some changes are still being made to the admission process and have till yet not been finalised properly. 

In order to clear up confusion, here are some of the changes that could potentially be included into the admission process of DU this year:

#1. No Stream Change

One change that the AC has already announced to the public is the rule to deduct marks is there is a change of stream. 

Essentially, if a student changes their stream in college, say somebody was in science stream in school but takes up a course from the arts stream in college, there would be a deduction of marks anywhere between 2-5% as a penalty.

#2. Change In Curriculum

The Under-Graduate Curriculum Revision Committee – 2019 was given the task of revising the undergraduate programmes. 

This, however, was not taken well by the university teachers who felt that this could only mean “greater interference from government”.

The changes are being brought in light of UGC’s Learning Outcome-based Framework (UGC-LOCF).

The apprehension that the DUTA (Delhi University Teachers’ Association) had shown regarding this was assuaged with their inclusion into the committee. 

The UGCRC and DUTA met together in order to discuss the latter’s doubts and concerns with the changes to the syllabus.

About 3-8 teachers would be working on each course along with the committee and thus ensure that everything is done in the right way. 

Where the issue of ‘best teacher’ and other few areas raised by the teachers have been addressed the LOCF is still something of a thorn in DUTA’s side, and they are not relenting on their stance that it needs to go. 

As per an official from DUTA, “the LOCF will invite greater interference from governments that will be tempted to dictate acceptable ‘outcomes’ for universities.”

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#3. Delink Sports and ECA From Normal Cut-Off

The AC head and Dean of Students’ Welfare Rajeev Gupta, stated that, “These seats are supernumerary in nature. Their admissions have no relation with the cutoff list, so why should we wait unnecessarily for the cut-off lists for these admissions. They are dependent on trials so we will start those trials also early, along with the registration process.”

Basically, it seems that people who are applying for admissions through ECA or sports quota can apply separately and not be dependant on the cut-off list. 

The basis of admission in this area will be the trails for the particular sport or activity and that will determine if the student gets in or not. 

However, this seems a bit strange change to be making, since a lot of students wait for the cut-offs and see if they can just get in without much trouble. 

If that is not happening, then they try the ECA or sports quota route in order to get admission in a course or college of their choice. 

Reports have also stated that the admission process for all the colleges will remain the same except of St Stephen’s College, and Jesus and Mary College both of which have autonomous  status. 

Till yet these changes have not been finalised and could be removed in the final document. But it seems that the AC and DUTA should speed things up since students will start to get antsy about this soon and it’s not fair to them. 

Do you have any changes you’d like to see in the DU admission process? Let us know in the comments below.

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Sources: The Hindu, The Indian Express, LatestLY

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