Written and directed by Deepak Reddy, the short film called Manasanamaha is an Indian Telugu short film which released two years back in 2020.

The story sounds pretty simple at the beginning where a man is narrating his past three relationships. But here’s the twist. The relationships are portrayed in reverse- the audience encounters the breakup first and the story moves backward till the proposal.

The three relationships also correspond to three different seasons: Chaithra (summer), Varsha (rainy), and Seetha (winter). Although narrated by a man, this movie gives profound insights into a woman’s perspective on a relationship.

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The amusing storyline of not longer than 17 minutes, shot within a span of 5 days only, caught the attention of viewers, reputed directors and actors around the nation.

The movie was so well received that it kept receiving one award after another, bagging a whopping 513 national and international awards! This led Manasanamaha to be officially recognised as the “Most accolades received by a short film” by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The movie has also entered the qualification race for the 2022 Oscars that is to be declared on 10th December 2022.

The director said, “It was challenging to use the reverse screenplay technique to narrate a love story. Looking back, I am happy with the film and the recognition we have been receiving in the form of international awards. I hope our short film wins the Oscars voting on December 10. Soon, I will also be working on a feature film.”

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