A recent research could improve the way we approach dyslexia treatment. We’ve taken a “deficit approach” to it so far, which means that we see it as a flaw in a particular person.

However, recent studies suggest that persons with dyslexia may have brain wiring that makes specific decision-making activities better for them than for others – to a degree that, from an evolutionary perspective, is life-saving.

Exploration-exploitation is an evolutionary concept that examines how people interact with their environment and make decisions. When faced with a collection of environmental elements, one must decide between “exploiting,” which involves acting on the information one has, and “exploring,” which involves taking a closer look at the situation in order to take the long view.

According to the study, those who have dyslexia are considerably better at exploring and taking into consideration a variety of factors in order to chart a long-term perspective. This explains why the “exploiting” jobs are more difficult, including reading and writing.

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While those with dyslexia may have trouble reading and comprehending text, their better exploratory skills, such as their capacity for spatial and dynamic thinking, may be of use to them as well as to the people around them.

In the words of the author of the study, “Approaches to explaining DD [Developmental Dyslexia] must account for both the difficulties and the enhanced abilities that are typical of people with DD.”

This paper was published in “Frontiers of Psychology” around the third week of June, 2022. The paper also says, “We argue that the form of cognition represented by DD plays an essential role in enabling humans to adapt.”

The areas where dyslexia offers a benefit have not yet received attention. A community’s survival depends on finding a balance between these two qualities, but somewhere along the road, we’ve forgotten the various benefits that various individuals may provide for our overall well-being.

Therefore, the study is potentially ground-breaking in that it supports what proponents of neurodiversity have long argued: that many neurodevelopmental abnormalities are not weak but rather unique, and many come with capabilities that we have simply not yet learned to perceive.

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