Chelsea Football Club have had a torrid season in the Premier League, if we compare it to the high standards which they set last season by winning the league title in convincing fashion. They’re currently in 5th place and things don’t seem to be looking up for them, any time soon.

Their debacle-like transfer policy this season hurt their overall form in Premier League as well as the Champions League and this is something which they need to address, going into the 2018-19 season if they wish to replicate their title-winning form.

So what can they do to achieve that? Nope, we’re not gonna shame Antonio Conte because let’s face it, he’s the best coach that Chelsea have had in the last 5 years or so and he has a great relationship with the players but which players can Chelsea potentially buy (playing at specific positions) is something which we need to analyse.

So without further ado, let’s take a look and what type of players do Chelsea need to invest in:

#1. Owed To Matic’s Departure, Chelsea Need A Midfield General:

When Nemanja Matic left Chelsea for Manchester United, it became evident that Cesc Fabregas and N’Golo Kante would share the midfield responsibilities.

The only problem: Cesc is not cut out for it.

Kante is a relativity small player as per his physical stature but plays with intensity and doesn’t shy away in tackling, dropping deep and winning the ball back to control the tempo of the game.

Cesc, on the other hand, is more of a creative midfielder who operates at full strength with limited defensive responsibilities.

The purchase of Tiémoué Bakayoko was supposed to bring stability to their midfield, something which didn’t happen and instead of providing gritty strength and pace to the midfield, Bakayoko just… Made it worse.

In order to mount a credible title challenge, Chelsea needs a proper central midfielder who can hold and advance the ball in the final 3rd with direct coordination from the full-backs and forwards.

The player doesn’t essentially need to be exceptionally creative, he just needs to be efficient and shouldn’t shy away from winning the ball back.

Also, Chelsea’s winter purchase of Ross Barkley and hasn’t paid off any dividends so far and it won’t if these attack-minded midfielders aren’t supported with players who can win the ball, hold it and maintain it for a longer period of possession.

#2. The Attack That Almost Was:

The purchase of Alvaro Morata proved to be a failure as well because to have a young striker in your team who endures a 13-game goal draught is not exactly beneficial.

With a backup as unreliable as Olivier Giroud, the resources are as limited as they get.

Chelsea needs a proper number 9, someone who doesn’t shy away from taking crucial shots and can hold the ball well for advancing wingers and fullbacks to facilitate play.

A physically strong presence in the final 3rd will greatly benefit them, much evident by the fact that Diego Costa performed better than Alvaro Morata due to his dominant physique. Alas, he didn’t gel with the coach and was sold.

#3. Defensive Line:

Lastly, the 3rd aspect is their defensive line, something which I feel doesn’t need a lot of tinkering but does need some players who can be used when the league first team players are injured.

In all honesty, Chelsea’s current squad is not bad. But owing to a long season, it becomes paramount to have a stable rotation policy in order to mount a credible challenge in England and Europe, both.

Let’s see if they can keep the blue flag flying high next season.

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Sources: ESPN,, SportsMole + more

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