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The LGBT Question


It is high time the Indian society gives its acceptance to the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community. Gays are acceptable in countries like Spain, Denmark and Canada, and let me put it correctly, they are not just acceptable but these countries are proud to have them (which should be the case with our country too since we boast of being the most diverse country when it comes to cultures).



But its not like efforts are not being made to accustom gay people in our society. Some of these efforts are foreign and some of them are desi. The latest is the video made by the United Nations. Based on the theme of a Gay Marriage in India (and starring Celina Jaitley) this video has touched all the right notes. I really hope I get to witness this soon in real life, in India.

Another video which is the epitome of awesomeness has been circulating for quite some time now. Its made by a group of stand-up comedians known as “All India Bakchod” and they define the voice of youth (unlike Yo Yo whatever). Coming back to the video, it has Imran Khan answering all sorts of questions raised by homophobic straight Indians against the gay community (which ofcourse are stupid!).  Apart from making you laugh like crazy, this video really makes you want to rethink your decision of hating the gays (if you don’t hate gays, then this video makes you laugh your ass off and pity those who do).

Some of these efforts are being fruitful too! On April 15th, The Supreme Court of India recognized the transgender community as the third gender in India. This is a huge leap taken by our country towards actually being developed. It still raises a lot of questions on the hypocrite Indian society and their non-acceptance of gays even when there is mention of gays in the Kamasutra, the Arthashastra, the Khajuraho Temples, and a lot of other places which prove that gay community has been existent in this country since thousands of years. Still we say no to them just because it is a taboo to even say the term “gay”. Its stupid and extremely sad!



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