Watch: Tracing The Role of Women In Protests, From Past To Present

Sometimes, being strong is the only option you have left...

Women have played a pivotal role in shaping the history of the world. Dark times call for strong actions and women have shown time and again that if anything can take the world by the storm, then it is female fervent.

This year, many women in India came out on the streets to express their dissent towards the various legislation put forward by the current government.

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As inspiring as it is to watch them at the helm of these protests, one cannot help but be reminded of the role women have played historically to dismantle and reconstruct the political and social structures around the world.

From their fight for equality to their wrath against harassment, women have been powerful, fearless, and revolutionary.

On this note, let’s trace the role of women in protests around the world.

Image Source: Google Images

Sources: Time, Oxfam India, USA News

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