Watch: Top 10 Institutions Offering Techno Managerial Courses For Higher Studies In India

Here are top institutions of India offering techno-managerial courses you can go to for your higher studies.

There has been a 3 fold increase in the amount of data present in this world in the past five years, and this is much more data than there ever has been.

With the increase in the volume of data, analysts and data scientists have found a whole new industry of their own.

With the big data trending on top of the list in new technologies adopted, the Indian youth now doesn’t want to do the general MBA and M.Tech. They’re looking for techno-managerial courses like Big Data Analytics for better job opportunities.

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So which university do you go to for higher studies in any techno-managerial course?

Here is a list of the top 10 institutions of India giving you such courses for PG and PGDM, with location and duration of course.

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Sources: Quora, Analytics India Mag

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