Watch: The Era Of Human Zoos: The Horrifying Time When Racism Knew No Bounds!

When the color of your skin could've won you a right to discriminate!

The greatest enemy of mankind is mankind itself. A testament to that assertion was the petrifying time of Human Zoos, an exhibition with African, Native American and Asian people on display for the white to something to gawp upon.

During the colonial times, whites had realized the concept of race as an interesting format for viewing pleasure. Thereon, they started to bring aboriginals from Africa and Asia to the white-dominated cities of Paris and Berlin.

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The aim of establishing such exhibitions was to ensure their domination in front of the world by categorizing all non-whites as ‘backward’.

Men were caged like apes in a zoo, women were made to stand naked and even children were displayed in this degrading and uncivilized display.

Here’s a brief video describing, the dark time when Human Zoos were a little more than just ‘common’:

The course of time lead to the phasing out of human zoos and they were soon replaced with some other, rather newer forms of racism.

At that time, there was less education and less awareness amongst the people. Now, 60 years later after the last human zoo closed its gates, there’s education and there’s awareness. AND STILL, THERE’S RACISM.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: BBC News, Wikipedia, The Guardian 

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