Watch: Meat Scent Perfume Of Burger King, This And More Bizarre Spin Offs

It takes years for brands to build their reputation and customer base. Once they find success and customer loyalty with their respective product, they may want to experiment with other products as well.

Multiple brands have ventured into manufacturing spin-off products. Burger King launched a flame cologne in 2008 following the success of its Whopper Sandwich.

It assumed that if people like the sandwich, they must like the smell too and may want to smell like meat all the time. Too far stretched an assumption, innit?

Needless to say, the product failed terribly in the market. Similarly, several other brands have launched bizarre spin-offs over time. Most failed. A selected few, like Hello Kitty Beer, performed well.

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There are several other instances. Famous lighter brand Zippo launched a perfume line for women resembling the shape of a lighter.

You must be familiar with the concept of Michelin-star restaurants. Do you know that Michelin is originally a tyre manufacturing company?

They ventured into the world of fine dining because they felt that people would want to travel to a luxury restaurant. Travelling requires an automobile, which in turn requires tyres.

Spin-offs may work or may not. It is definitely a risky business to experiment with a new product that can very well upset your hard-earned customer base.

What did you think about these spin-offs? Let us know in the comments section.

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