Watch: K-Pop Music Videos That Are Banned By TV Networks For The Weirdest Reasons

These songs will always remain a BOP! The TV networks seem to differ.

Did you know that your favorite K-pop artist’s music videos are banned on TV? KBS, MBC, and SBS are some of the TV networks that have banned some songs from broadcasting. 

The reason for banning ranges from explicit language to traffic rule violation. Here’s a list you should check out!

K-Pop Music Videos That Are Banned By TV Networks For The Weirdest Reasons

BTS- Dope

The biggest boy band in the world, BTS, released Dope in 2015, and KBS banned it because of “vulgar” lyrics. Fans have deemed this judgment to be silly. Dope was the first music video of BTS to reach a million likes on YouTube. 

Even though the song is upbeat and catchy, the lyrics are meaningful and speak of their trend-defining nature. The song is not a complete diss track, but it encourages people to follow their dreams. It gives the message of not letting others bring you down and question your willpower.

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PSY- Gentleman

A year after PSY went viral for “Gangnam Style”, he released a new single called Gentleman, which set the record as the most-viewed YouTube video in 24 hours and held the record for 4 years!

Even though the music video has some questionable actions, it got banned on TV because PSY kicked a traffic cone in the song and it was seen as property abuse.

BLACKPINK- Kill This Love

Kill This Love is the second Blackpink song to cross the 1 billion mark on YouTube. In the video, Rosé is driving while not wearing a seatbelt, which violates South Korea’s Road Traffic Act. This tiny detail led to it getting banned.

A still from Kill This Love music video

Some may argue that the decisions hold true given how the entertainment industry affects the choices and lifestyle of the audience. Any apparent misdeed in the song (no matter how small) may negatively impact the audience.

Do you think the decision to ban the songs from broadcasting was the right one? Comment down below and let us know your opinion!

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