Watch How Indian Sports Authorities Play Politics & Keep Deserving Athletes Out Of Major Competitions

It seems that the Indian attitude of passing over stuff, procrastination and general inefficiency has no bounds even when the matters are at an international level.

Recently, the World Indoor Championships or the International Associations of Athletics Federation (IAAF) World Indoor Championships started on 1st March and will last till 4th March 2018 in Birmingham.

Happening every 2 years they cover a wide range of track and field events and are at par with Olympics and other major events in terms of pulling the crowds in.

However, where other countries have entire teams representing them, India has just one lone representative Siddanth Thingalaya from Mumbai and even that seemed impossible up until a few days ago with track and field athlete reaching the arena on March 1.

The cause of this was not anything serious, in fact, it was an extremely silly and embarrassing one of Thingalaya not getting his visa on time. Had it taken even 1 more day, then there would be no one to represent India at this international competition.

This is not the first time that Indian authorities have shown their negligence and complete inability to do things on time and in a professional manner.

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This video takes a look at a few other instances where they have brought shame and embarrassment to us as a country:

This habit of complete and utter procrastination along with putting the blame from party 1 to party 2 especially by the Federation itself is just shameful. The truth is that while India could probably have as much talent as the US and rake in the gold medals, unless there is proper support from the authorities to the athletes, that could be all just a pipe dream.

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Sources: Scroll, BBC News, India Today

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