If you have a habit of following news on the daily, you must have come across the articles that report about Siddhanth Kapoor’s involvement in the very recent drug case.

However, most of the headlines referred to him as “Shradhha Kapoor’s” brother or “Shakti Kapoor’s” son, the former being more repeatedly used. This rather unconcealed use of Shraddha Kapoor’s name to draw the attention of the general audience is a form of ‘sensationalism’ tactic used by the media.

Sensationalism is a popular strategy employed to try and capture an audience’s attention.   Media outlets frequently utilise startling language, famous names, exaggeration, and outright lying – it being the worst, to sell their content. Journalists utilise sensationalism to draw people to their content.

Headlines are usually biggest the target for using sensationalism. These large, bolded words catch your attention whether you are reading a magazine or website.

News organisations and media companies take advantage of the fact that headlines draw readers. Frequently, headlines present events in an exaggerated manner. The most insignificant item can be exaggerated with the appropriate phrasing.

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The incident happened somewhat like this. According to the police, Bollywood star Siddhanth Kapoor and four other people were detained for allegedly using drugs at a rave party held in a downtown hotel.

When the police raid took place, the rave party was still going on at an upscale hotel on MG Road in Bengaluru. Four other people have been detained in addition to Siddhant Kapoor, who is known for appearing in movies like Shoot out at Wadala and Ugly and serving as an associate director on projects like Dhol.

Siddhanth (37) was apparently invited to a gathering where about 35 individuals were present. Medical exams were performed on each of them. Five of them tested positive for narcotics, including the actor Siddhant Kapoor. Seven “ecstasy” pills, along with a packet of marijuana, were also seized by police from the party location.

According to Sections 22A, 22B, and 27B of the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, the accused were taken into custody.

Siddhanth Kapoor was however released on bail one day after the arrest as there were no drugs found in his possession.

Shamelessly dragging Shraddha Kapoor’s name, in this case, is a form of sensationalism. To be honest, it was not really necessary, was it?

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