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Wardrobe Magic!



Every time you open your closet, which is overcrowded with clothes, almost every kind of tops and bottoms, cashmere, silk, cotton and a gala of colours pink, purple and blue, but still have nothing to wear! Don’t worry ! Take a deep breath and follow the steps!

Step 1 : Trash it out
Every single piece in your wardrobe has some special memories attached with it, but at times you’ve to let go. You’ll never know what you need unless you look! Take all of the clothes out of your closet and immediately throw away anything with holes or rips. Don’t forget shoes! Try on everything that’s left. Plan to give everything that you think may not suit you any more to charity. Hang in the beautiful clothes left back into your closet.

Step 2 : List of Must haves.

Now move on to the list of must haves. Keep checking for the these and then splurge on those items that you don’t posses yet.

1) LBD: Commonly known as the “Little black dress”, is one piece that’ll work for the most chic, fun, casual cocktail parties  and a romantic date. Since you never know, when you’ll bang intLBD2o just “the right person”, you’ll ready to go for an evening in your LBD.

2) Denims: Blue denims are a must have. Make sure you have the one that fits you the best. After all it’s the most easiest thing to put on without giving much of a thought. Pair it up with a cool T-shirt or a fancy top and you’re good to go!

3) Clutch:  A woman carries a myriad things with her whenever she steps out of the house. A classy clutch, which comes in huge sizes with allow you to stash for all the necessities. Keep it stylish.

4) Bright coloured pants: They’re completely “in” this season and when paired with a coloured plain top and metallic accessories …the attire becomes the oomph factor.

5) Trendy Tees: Choose T-shirts with cool captions or cartoons. They’ll be the best for any time you feel a little crazy and want a hangout at an amusement park or a gaming night. Make sure they’re neither too fitted nor too over-sized. Get the perfect look of the “Girl next door”.

6) The animal print: Be it sexy stilettos or a waist belt or a clutch, the animal print is a must have and is absolutely die for. It makes you stand out from the crowd. Be sure to have only one statement piece at a time.

7) Comfy Loafers: Tired of wearing too much heels, jump into the cushioned and soft loafers for everyday use. Grab bold colours and shapes and they’re good to go with casual or formal attires. Loafers offer that extra refined finesse to accentuate any look.

8) Designer scarves: Extreme versatility make the scarf or wrap a fashion must-have. And they don’t have to be worn just around the neck these days. With the endless variety of patterns, colours and shapes, allow your imagination to run wild!

9) Sunglasses: Get your classic look with a pair of Aviators or Club masters from Rayban.  If you’ve had a long night of study  or a late night party and you want to cover those late night eyes. Sporting a pair of fabulous sunglasses will do the trick.

10) Basic White Shirt: It can be casual and simple or adorned with a sequined collar, make it fit your personality.  Loose and slouchy with a skinny jeans or a fitted look with a pencil skirt.

Last but definitely not the least .The most beautiful curve on your body-the “smile”. It works just wonders and makes you look the  best in whatever you wear.

Carry your attitude and your smile, you’re definitely going to make a mark!

Now the next time you open your closet and put on your clothes, you’re going to look like a diva. Don’t forget to flash your pearly whites.


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