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My Favourite Video Games As A Child- A Pixelated Saga Of The 90s


By Prerna Bhatia

The recent 20 year anniversary of Pokémon took me to a nostalgic run of the good ol’ days of the 90s, where killing time did not mean chatting on WhatsApp or scrolling through Facebook, but rather playing your favourite video game on a lazy afternoon during the summer vacation with a glass of Rasna. Sentimental much?

Let me take you through a walk down the memory lane of what video games meant to me as a child.


Road Rash revolutionized the world of gaming in 1991 when it came out with the first edition of the game, the most realistic any video game had ever been till then. Blood, violence and speed (which it proclaimed in a sassy way, had no place in the real world on roads) made it one of the best games. With an 8 multiplayer game introduced in 1995, it was not long before you had an argument with your best friend when you thrashed him/her.



Who doesn’t like playing Mario?

From the 8-bit to the 3D world, we have seen it grow and grown with it. However, the thrill of hitting the flagpole (making a point to jump, and not just touch the bottom pole) has not died even now. And didn’t you feel proud of yourself when you discovered yet another one of Mario’s abilities?


3. VCOP 2


VCop 2 is, by far, one of the best games in terms of its audio-visuals. It was quite an adrenaline rush to hear sirens while picking off enemies from a motorcycle, following them in a car. This was one of the most fast-paced games, with multiple routes and frequent reloading.



Does anyone here know what the mission in this game was? Because all I used to do was make sure I crash as many cars as I possibly could.

You got to drive real life vehicles like Volkswagen and beat up a Ford Mustang while avoiding the cops. It had all the fun and freedom that driving games ought to have, but seldom do.



The first three levels are so freaking easy. But have you ever managed to get past the level with the blue and black background? I haven’t.

It involved getting to the trophy at the end of every level while using a jetpack, guns, and fighting off enemies. But not many people knew of it. If you come across the game, do give it a try. It’s fun and addictive!



Operation Wolf, released in 1987, is one of the first arcade games I played. Not caring about the story behind the game, I would have fun shooting the soldiers and tanks. However, his game was not only about shooting targets but also prioritizing the ones on the screen to minimize damage. (Also, I did not find out about the rocket button till a few years ago)



One of the very few games which did not involve violence in one way or another.
Tetris was a rage back then. The perfect on-the-go puzzler, it introduced the concept of the two player Link Cable Play (sadly, the latest versions don’t have this concept). If you think Angry Birds is the most popular game, better rethink it.

tetris8. ALADDIN

Aladdin is one of the best video games based on a movie and has the amazing feeling of the “One Upon a Time” of all Disney movies- beautiful graphics, a background story, and attention to detail. Aladdin himself is so brilliantly made; all his movements make you feel like you are controlling his mind. When you change direction, you see him look around. And do you not feel pangs of nostalgia when you hear the background music?


What other games did you play in your childhood? Tell us in the comments below!

Picture Credits: Google

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